Why cleanse??
We live in a toxic world.  As we become infested with toxins our body suffers, and we may begin to experience symptoms such as:
Weight gain
Joint pain
Skin problems
Hormonal Imbalance
Difficulty sleeping
Digestion issues
Food cravings
Mental Fatigue
Brain fog
We eliminate toxins through breathing, urinating, bowel movements, and even sweating. Everyday we eliminate what we do not need from our body, this is a natural detoxing process – and able to be done in ease by a healthy body. But after years of exposure to the toxic world we live in, our bodies lose their ability to do this on it’s own and we become ill from the exposure to toxins.
Poor food quality
White refined sugar
Air and water pollution
Automobile exhaust
Why would I need or want to do a cleanse?
Even if you eat the leanest and the greenest we cannot escape life! We live in a toxic world.  Even with ongoing care, your body accumulates more toxins than it eliminates.  A “toxin” can be anything from pesticides, xenoestrogens, plastics, air pollution, water pollution, parasites, and chemicals from foods, medicines, surgery, or dental work to an emotional toxic buildup from stress.  When you consider that we are only the 2nd or 3rd generation of humankind to ever live in a world of clogged air, chemicals, and electromagnetic frequencies, to walk on concrete rather than dirt, and to sit all day indoors, it is amazing that we aren’t worse off than we are.
What does it involve? 
You will receive a booklet with details about what to eat and what not to eat. The first week is all fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, with smoothies for protein.  After week one, you can eat lots of organic fruits and raw, steamed or grilled vegetables, fish, and a little antibiotic free, hormone free turkey and chicken.  The idea is to avoid any possible allergens, so wheat, dairy, nuts, seeds, chicken, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, and soy are avoided, as are all processed foods, sugars, and junk food.  Remember, it’s only 3 weeks!.   If you’re worried about your sweet tooth, you’ll have fruit smoothies that are sweet and yummy.  There are even legal recipes for chocolate shakes!
What should I expect?
Most of the time, you will feel great.  You may have a day or two of “detoxing” symptoms, often described as similar to feeling like you are catching the flu.  Muscle aches or headache are the most common symptoms, but they are typically short-lived.  Your energy will improve, and you will discover many food addictions and possible food allergens that you haven’t previously been aware of.  Your sinusitis will improve, your digestion will be better, your mood will be lighter, and your head will be clearer.
My weight is where I want it. Should I still Cleanse? 
Yes, defiantly.  Even if you don’t have excess weight on your body, an annual cleanse of toxins is a superb way to stay slim and healthy.
I’ve already done a cleanse once.  Can I do one again?
Absolutely! If you still feel you have weight to lose or haven’t reached the state of health that is your goal for the long term, it would be very beneficial for you to cleanse again.
Will I keep taking my other supplements during the cleanse?
Most of you may stop taking some of your other supplements that are not cleanse products.  You will not be stopping any hormonal replacement (Progesterone creams, sublingual Estrogen, Progesterone or Testosterone replacement),or any prescribed neurotransmitter products.
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