Chronic Fatigue Support in Austin, Texas

Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS, has been medically characterized by its main symptom of fatigue that is not a result of another existing illness. While there are still conflicting reason’s for this disease, from a viral or bacterial infection to environmental factors and chemical food additives, the number of cases continues to rise. Medical therapy is not always effective over the long term and many sufferers are seeking a natural alternative with chronic fatigue help in Austin.

A patient diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome may exhibit many symptoms other than just profound fatigue and pain. Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, tingling and numbness, unusual headaches and dizziness upon rising. It is also not uncommon for patients to become ultra sensitive to chemical additives found in such items as cleaning products, perfumes or deodorants; food sensitivities are often a side effect as well. A CFS literate doctor in Austin may be your only beacon of hope when all else has failed.

Although many have attempted to learn to live with the debilitating effects of CFS, it extracts a hideous toll on the mental and physical qualities of their lives. Natural chronic fatigue support in Austin has enjoyed many success stories with their natural therapeutic approach. Depending on the test results, you may receive not only potent herbal supplements to balance your nutrient levels, they may also employ acupuncture, detoxification cleansing methods and chiropractic therapy to restore your energy level.

Despite medical research to the contrary, there are still people who refuse to believe in the importance of mind and body balance. Anyone who has been inflicted with a painful disease knows unrelenting physical pain creates mental imbalances as well. Depression is certainly a side effect of any physical ailment that resists treatment and the inability to cope with everyday stress only adds to the torment. If you are suffering and have yet to find effective relief, seek out natural chronic fatigue help in Austin.  A chronic fatigue doctor in Austin can provide you with an alternative approach to addressing your chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

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