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For the uninformed, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not just about being tired; it can be a debilitating disease that affects every aspect of ones life and it is often difficult to diagnose, and treat, by the medical community. Many are now seeking a chronic fatigue doctor in Austin that offers a natural approach for those afflicted with this life-altering ailment.

CFS can affect men, women and children, although it is more common in women than men, and most often develops between the early twenties and mid forties. People of all social and ethnic groups seem to be equally at risk for fatigue and it has become more prevalent in recent years.

There are those who suspect the rise in chronic fatigue syndrome is due to the polluted environment and increased chemical additives in our food, while others believe it may be a viral or bacterial infection. Some studies have found that people with chronic fatigue syndrome have lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which is secreted by the adrenal glands. Thyroid disorders have also been implicated in CFS.

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Chronic FatigueRegardless of the underlying cause, the sufferer is primarily interested in obtaining relief from the chronic pain, loss of energy and profound fatigue that has become a regular part of their lives and are now seeking the natural approach offered by a chronic fatigue doctor in Austin.

Support may include detoxification cleansing, acupuncture, and potent, natural herbal supplements to restore your energy levels. Maintaining the required nutrients in our bodies is tantamount to achieving the ultimate mind and body connection for good health. There is nothing that can destroy the mental balance quicker than a physical imbalance and vice versa; the two are inseparable.

With many chronic fatigue sufferers have been unable to find relief through conventional prescriptions, it would serve you well to consider the natural options available through a chronic fatigue doctor in Austin. A chronic fatigue doctor in Austin can provide you with an alternative approach to addressing your chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


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