Case Study:
A patient comes in having been to many practitioners for depression, anxiety, and fatigue.  She was taking an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and a sleep medication – none of which were helping.  She was specifically referred to us to have her hormones ran.  She had her hormones ran in blood-work prior to seeing us, and was told all was normal.  We ran a saliva panel, which tells us what is bio-available, we found in the testing she had low progesterone and high estrogen – resulting in estrogen dominance.   After 3 weeks of detoxing and adding nutritional support:
“I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know,but wanted to see how it was going for a while first. The progesterone cream has been a God-send. Most of my depression has been hormonal it seems like, which is why the anti-depressants were not helping at all just making it worse. I started using the cream a few days ago and I had virtually no PMS symptoms before my period last week. Still have a lot of my other issues, but at least I’m not on the floor crying anymore and that makes it easier to try and deal with my other stuff.”

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