Passion for helping others.

Ursula is an arts educator with a passion for theater and connecting with others in creative ways. She is in the process of completing a yoga certification and enjoys sharing tools to help others overcome life’s obstacles in the same ways that she has been helped.

What symptoms or issues have you been dealing with?

I’ve had a series of health concerns, some recent but many long-term. Over the years, I’ve seen different doctors for each symptom or issue, but none were able to help me achieve balance or provide the personal care that I was looking for. Issues like muscle, spinal, and hormonal imbalances have been part of my life from a young age, and I also developed allergies like cedar fever after moving to Austin eight years ago.

What were your expectations for Infinity Wellness Center?

It was really important to me to find natural health solutions because I wanted to better understand how to take care of my symptoms between appointments. The Center was close to my work, so I passed it frequently, and after doing some online research, I decided to give it a try. I did have high expectations but mostly I was excited to finally find a holistic healthcare provider and see how it would be different than my past medical experiences. From where I was last year to today, I’m in a completely different position.

What was your first visit like?

During my first visit with Dr. VanNoy, we discussed my entire medical history in-depth to get the full scope of my healthcare needs. I was surprised to learn that many of my symptoms were stemming from issues in my gastrointestinal track, liver, and gut. Also, gut health and immunity are closely tied, which is something I didn’t know before.

I really liked that Dr. VanNoy provided my with a tactical action plan during the first visit. It included steps I could take to get my body back to regularity if I went off the special diet Dr. VanNoy suggested. I liked the instant action. I really felt the personal care and attention from the first visit.

How were your sessions at Infinity Wellness Center different than visits with other doctors?

Through the course of my visits, I noticed that Dr. VanNoy’s treatments were informed by my bloodwork and other procedures like x-rays. This was different from other doctors because they were not guided by my blood lab results or procedures in the past. Dr. VanNoy was also different because he took the time to explain what the results meant and how they would inform my treatment plan.

I learned that some minor skin issues were actually caused by internal imbalances, which is why Dr. VanNoy recommend a detox. Based on my blood work and medical history, I was put on hormone therapy and a regimen of supplements. Within the first week of seeing Dr. VanNoy, I saw results in my skin and had more manageable allergy symptoms. As the first month of treatment progressed, I also experienced a noticeable reset from the detox.

Dr. VanNoy created a custom care plan for me based on past hormone supplement interactions and made sure I understood the reasons behind his decisions.

Did your results meet your expectations?

I’ve been a patient for about a year and have experienced a huge difference physically and mentally. My muscular and spinal symptoms are kept in check through chiropractic adjustments, clearer skin and balanced hormones are managed through hormonal therapy, and daily supplements reduce my allergy symptoms. I like that my care is constantly being reevaluated during each visit with Dr. VanNoy!

If you were to refer Infinity Wellness Center to a friend, what would you say?

You won’t find another clinic with people who genuinely care about your health and wellbeing. I’ve never seen a place like it with their range of offerings and they come from a genuine place. They believe in empowering people.

Schedule an appointment and let’s get you back to balanced.

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