The Busy Life of a Businessman

Gavin runs his own IT consulting business and spends his days working on transportation management and enterprise resource planning. On the weekends, he went to as many music festivals as possible, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. He enjoys a full, busy lifestyle but it was often impacted by health concerns before becoming a patient at Infinity Wellness Center.

What symptoms or issues have you been dealing with?

I have been dealing with health issues for a lot of my life, particularly very persistent sinus infections, and recent developments of ADHD and anxiety. About four years ago, I developed a fungal infection in my intestines and have had many issues surrounding that.

I was able to take care of it myself for a while, but the infection came back stronger. It was affecting my personal and work life; I didn’t have a lot of energy and I knew something was wrong. I was also a student athlete in college, so I needed chiropractic adjustments from past stress on my body.

What were your expectations for Infinity Wellness Center?

I knew Dr. VanNoy personally prior to becoming his patient, so I saw firsthand the depth of his knowledge and his dedication to patients’ wellness goals. I went to him for chiropractic adjustments in the past and we would talk about my other symptoms, which led me to becoming a full patient of his.

Going in, I was very interested in holistic treatments and fixing the issues I was dealing with. I knew that Dr. VanNoy and the staff at Infinity Wellness Center work to get patients back to baseline, even if something is only a little bit off. Traditional doctors weren’t interested in dealing with small issues, they only wanted to target big problems when you’re really sick. I knew it would be different with Dr. VanNoy.

What was your treatment plan like after your initial visits?

During my first visits as a patient, I explained my symptoms in more detail and we got right to work to identify their causes. In addition to my intestinal issues, I was groggy and had trouble sleeping. Dr. VanNoy suggested that I change my diet and provided me with a list of foods to eat and which to avoid. I also began a supplement regimen to get in recovery from the intestinal overgrowth and to activate my thyroid.

How were your sessions at Infinity Wellness Center different than visits with other doctors?

When I was working with traditional medicine doctors to treat my intestinal issues, they misdiagnosed my condition and put me on medication that not only didn’t help but caused my symptoms to get worse.

The way Dr. VanNoy interpreted my bloodwork was very different than my general doctor and even the gastroenterologist that I saw. He was able to identify my problems, which I was not used to from past experiences with other doctors. I would often have to diagnose myself or not have any answers at all.

Did your results meet your expectations?

It only took me about a week of starting my supplement regimen to see results on all of my symptoms. After the initial blood testing and diagnoses, Dr. VanNoy kept in constant contact to keep updated on my progress and I ordered supplements from the Center as needed. After having these issues for multiple years and regular doctors not being able to help me with them, getting an actual diagnosis is huge so I could actually start fixing the problem.

If you were to refer Infinity Wellness Center to a friend, what would you say?

With other doctors, it seemed like if my symptoms didn’t fit into a neat box or fall under what they expected my issues to be, they didn’t want to deal with them.

After years of issues, Dr. VanNoy was able to get me an answer after a single blood test; something a regular doctor wasn’t able to do. If you’re looking for a way to heal your body naturally and results where you haven’t been able to find any, I would definitely recommend Infinity Wellness.

Are you seeking results to issues that traditional doctors cannot solve? Schedule an appointment and let’s get you back to balanced.




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