Can You Really Boost Immunity against COVID-19? Yes! And Vitamin C Can Help!

Some of the most fascinating data gleaned from the COVID-19 crisis relates to the huge part that the patient’s immune system plays in determining the likelihood and severity of illness. Many who test positive for the virus or its antibodies remain virtually asymptomatic, while others are hit hard and fast, resulting in lengthy hospitalizations and difficult recoveries. Still other cases prove fatal.

In functional medicine, we believe these widely varied reactions to the same virus most likely reveal more about the patient that they does the virus. By and large, those with stronger immune systems are having a much easier time during this pandemic even if they become sick. 

Of course immune system functionality is an important variable when fighting any virus. We were told early on the elderly and immunocompromised would be more susceptible to COVID-19. But has still been truly amazing how much better those with stronger immune systems have been able to resist or fight this highly contagious virus.

So can we actually boost immunity? And if so, how?

Absolutely. In spite of what you may hear from mainstream medicine and news media about Vitamin C and other immune-boosting supplements being ineffective in the fight against the Coronavirus, quality supplementation can be extremely helpful in boosting your immune system function and preventing and fighting illness.

So much so that some hospitals in hard-hit New York are now actively employing high dose Vitamin C IV drips in their fight against COVID-19. That’s huge when conventional medicine adopts a functional practice. The fact is that Vitamin C is proven to boost the activity of immune cells that eat up harmful bacteria (phagocytes) and encourage the circulation of antibodies (lymphocytes) as they mount their attack on foreign substances in the blood.

The human body was designed to heal itself, but that innate healing process is interrupted by the introduction of contaminants like medications, environmental toxins, and processed foods, and undue physical, emotional and environmental stress we place on our bodies from poor lifestyle choices. Improving diet and getting regular exercise, as well as not smoking or drinking in excess are important baseline steps to improve overall wellness.

Supplementing those healthy habits with Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, will dramatically up your immunity game by:

* improving the body’s ability to absorb iron from plant-based foods
* decreasing inflammation through antioxidant activity
* fighting off cell damaging free radicals
* assisting in the production of collagen necessary for healing wounds
* prevents anemia
* strengthening the overall immune response
* helping ensure that response is appropriate to the trigger

While it’s true that Vitamin C is found in many good-for-you foods, only about 20 to 40% can be absorbed in this form because of poor gut health, unhealthy diet, first- or second-hand smoke, and chronic illness.  That’s not enough during cold and flu season, and it’s certainly not during the fight against a novel invader for which our bodies have no immune response at the ready.

Supplementing with Vitamin C won’t guarantee that you’re worry free when it comes to contracting the Coronavirus, but it may dramatically lessen your chances. If you do get this or any virus, Vitamin C will help your immune system work like it should.

It’s important to take high quality supplements so that you not only get the most for your money, but you ensure the Vitamin is bioavailable (readily absorbed and not just excreted in your waste). The supplements we have here at Infinity Wellness Center, whether by themselves or as part of our Care Support Kit Immunity Bundles, contain Bioflavinoids, polyphenolic compounds known to increase absorption.

Your very best protection during this scary time is a well supported immune system. Contact us to discuss all of the immunity boosting options we have available.

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