With times like this causing more stress than ever people are looking for an experience that helps them dive deeper and address not only their physical ailments but emotional and spiritual as well. Often when we are on the path to healing, we get stuck and progressing towards wellness becomes more challenging without a clear reason why. You might feel like you are eating all the right foods, exercising appropriately, attending therapy, and following the guidance of your belief system but something still is not quiet resolving. Energy medicine and modalities within the field of energy healing can really shed light on difficult areas to address and bring relief to the whole body looking to gain momentum in the right direction again.

One of the more well-known energy healing modalities is reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality aimed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and facilitate the movement of life force also known as Ki. There are many types of reiki and different ways to practice it and apply its principles but often reiki is performed by a trained reiki master on their client laying down in a relaxing environment. The reiki master gently holds their hands on or above their client in specific areas that follow the chakras. A session is typically a very relaxing 30-60 minutes that promotes a sense of tranquility and deep rest much like the best nap of your life.

Reiki is not a religion and is very safe for all types of people, even babies and animals to experience. It is an amazingly simple yet profound technique that can create peace within one’s mind, body and spirit. The person receiving reiki can ask for specific issues to be addressed whether physical or emotion.

Dr. Lauren Sanchez, a trained Naturopathic Doctor, received her training in energy medicine while in medical school and continued to develop her own style of energy healing that includes reiki, craniosacral techniques, therapeutic gemstones, flower essences, tuning forks, and essential oils. Dr. Sanchez has an amazing ability to use her skills as a doctor and energy healer to gain intuitive information about her patients that can help improve their health where they are stuck the most.

“Wow. What a treat. Dr. Lauren has the most comforting and beautiful touch. She is intuitive in her areas of focus and has a solid foundation of knowledge in the structure/function of the body. She creates an impeccable space for healing and I left feeling calm, rejuvenated and best of all-relaxed from my busy mind.”

— Meghan D., Herbalist and Nutritionist

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