We all know that it is important to be healthy… and there are a lot of should’s around that. Like I know that I should eat healthier. I know that I should get more exercise.  I’m sure that you’ve heard things that you should and shouldn’t eat to be healthy and that it is important to get fruits and vegetables into your diet.

But knowledge alone isn’t enough to create change in our lives. We often need to put a structure in place that has us take consistent action towards our goals. It’s the combination of information, support and community that really makes the difference in creating a healthier you.

You all know that I firmly believe that being healthy is a union of several things.  It’s really about looking at the body as a whole. It includes looking at hormone balance, energy flow through the body, proper nutrition, etc. I’m always on the lookout for how I can help people on their journey to better health.

My friend and colleague, Brandy has put together a 30-day online program called Breakfast with Brandy that is a great structure to help you take your health to the next level. It’s a comprehensive support structure that walks you through the process of creating healthier habits by incorporating a juice or smoothie into your daily routine. You will gain more clarity, increase your energy levels, and be more effective, giving more of you to spend on the things that are really important to you.

The program includes step-by-step instructional videos, recipes, shopping lists, support calls and a community of like-minded health conscious individuals to support you on your journey.   It’s truly a daily structure that helps you to win in life.

I believe so strongly about getting my message about health and wellbeing out in a bigger way that I joined Brandy to be a part of a documentary film called Vital, Vibrant & Alive. We are still in the production phase and are continuing to raise funds to complete the film. ALL proceeds from the Breakfast with Brandy Program go to the making of the documentary. So not only will you get something that is beneficial for you and your family by creating a healthier you, but you will also be contributing to making a difference for others in the world as we spread the message of being Vital, Vibrant & Alive through the film.

Click here for details and to register for the program, which starts on July 6. Use the promo code ‘DrTpromo’ and you will get a 10% discount.

To learn more about Brandy and her film I am featured

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