Start the New Year Off Clean!  Join our New Year, New You Body Cleanse and Detox

Our 14th Annual New Year New You Cleanse begins in January.  This is the first of a two-part blog series addressing the benefits of a guided cleanse, as well as how it works, so we can help you start the new year living a healthier, more vibrant life.

In the midst of the holiday season, many of you may already be mapping out resolutions that include a diet detox to rid yourself of the extra pounds you may have gained from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  Even if you managed to get through the season without gaining weight (and congrats to you if you do!) you still may have overindulged on F&B you wouldn’t normally consume in such quantities and with such frequency.

But instead of falling for a fad diet or questionable starvation “cleanse,” why not consider a guided 21-day commitment to improving your health?  Our New Year, New You Cleanse will detox your entire body and jump-start your healthy eating and lifestyle regime back into high gear.

By following our structured 21-day program, you’ll eliminate your system of accumulated dietary and environmental toxins, and decrease the stress these toxins place on your body.  In doing so, you will not only shed weight, but address a variety of associated symptoms you’re just used to living with, including allergies, excessive fatigue, headaches, joint pain, skin problems, and digestive issues.

And you will not be hungry! While it is considered an “elimination diet” of sorts, all you’ll be eliminating are foods with possible allergens, such as wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, added sugars and processed/junk foods – things clean eaters avoid anyway — and only for 21 days. There are plenty of real, solid foods like nutritional shakes, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, and antibiotic free proteins. 

We start by addressing diet because as much as 80% of your immune system function is based on the health of your GI tract.  Ensuring better gut health will enable your other organ systems to better flush toxins.

Our Doctors will get you started by discussing your personal goals and health needs and providing you with a detailed outline of diet and possible supplementation necessary to assist in your detox. Approved recipes, daily emails with tips, and ongoing support make it so easy.

Many people who have previously undergone this cleanse have noticed immediate results, including stronger nails, healthier hair, more energy and weight loss on average of nine to 18 pounds!

If you choose, after the 21-day period, eliminated foods can be reintroduced in phases to identify any sensitivities or allergies of which you weren’t previously aware, and our Doctors will guide you through this portion as well.

Because we live in a toxic world, even clean eaters and elite athletes are exposed to environmental pollutants that accumulate faster than their bodies can flush them. We believe everyone can benefit from a well-designed annual detox cleanse like ours.  Register HERE to join us for a happier, healthier New Year and New You. 

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