Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!

Why Detox?

Why would I need or want to do a cleanse?

We live in a toxic, toxic world. Even with ongoing care, your body accumulates more toxins than it eliminates. A “toxin” can be anything from pesticides, xenoestrogens, plastics, air pollution, water pollution, parasites, chemicals from foods, medicines, surgery, or dental work to an emotional toxic buildup from stress. When you consider that we are only the 2nd or 3rd generation of humankind to ever live in a world of clogged air, chemicals, and electromagnetic frequencies, to walk on concrete rather than dirt, and to sit all day indoors, it is amazing that we aren’t worse off than we are.

What does a Detox involve?

There are numerous Detox Programs on the market, and most are decent. The one I use in my practice is called the 21 Day Ultimate Detox Program through Standard Process. It addresses Detoxing the liver, kidneys, the lymph system, the GI tract…pretty much the entire body. I believe it is the most encompassing, intense yet gentle, and still effective one out there.

You will receive a booklet with details about what to eat and what not to eat. The first week is all fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, with smoothies for protein. This is called the Optimum Program. After week one, you can either stay on the program, or change to the Moderate Program. At that time, you will be eating lots of organic fruits and raw, steamed or grilled vegetables, fish, and a little antibiotic free, hormone free turkey. The idea is to avoid any possible allergens, so wheat, dairy, nuts, seeds, chicken, caffeine, alcohol, and soy are avoided, as are all processed foods, sugars, and junk food. (Remember, it’s only 3 weeks!). If you’re worried about your sweet tooth, you’ll have fruit smoothies that are sweet and yummy. There are even legal recipes for chocolate shakes!

The Detox Class starts in January if you are interested in joining us!

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