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What Your Skin Condition Says About Internal Issues

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Your skin works hard to keep your body functioning properly! From temperature regulation to protection from your environment. You probably already know that your skin is your largest organ, but did you know it can also tell you about issues or imbalances below the surface? Some of which aren’t easily detectable or have minimal symptoms.  

Issues like eczema, acne, hives, and contact dermatitis are each a bodily response to changes within. Read on to discover what your skin conditions mean based on location and symptoms. 

Location, location, location

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A stray pimple here or there is no cause for concern; however, if skin issues like blemishes and dryness repeatedly cluster in one area, it can mean a specific organ is imbalanced. 

Take a look at our face chart below to see which locations correspond to different parts of the body. 

Face chart that depicts the underlying cause of skin issues based on location

  1. Forehead = Digestive system: Tummy troubles? Your forehead will tell you. Digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome may be indicated by forehead breakouts or persistent lines. 
  2. Temples = Kidneys & Bladder: Acne on the temples can mean inflammation in the kidneys and bladder. It may also mean that your body has reacted poorly to a medication. 
  3. Eyebrows = Liver: Any skin irritation around the eyebrows is thought to correspond to the liver. Negative emotions, stress, or a bad diet can impact your liver.
  4. Eyes = Hydration & Bodily Fluids: Unsightly dark circles, under eye bags, or puffiness are the result of decreased water intake or stress.
  5. Nose = Heart blockage: Redness, blackheads, or oily patches may mean you suffer from imbalanced levels of blood pressure or cholesterol.
  6. Cheeks = Stomach, Spleen & Lungs: If your skin appears uneven or red on your cheeks, the stomach, spleen, or lungs may be inflamed. 
  7. Mouth = Stomach & Colon: Do you suffer from mouth ulcers?Your skin may be warning you that you also have stomach ulcers. Skin issues around the mouth can also indicate that your diet is too cold, which causes the stomach to work harder to heat up the food.
  8. Chin = Hormones & Reproductive System: If you’ve noticed that blemishes appear along your jaw or chin right before your menstrual cycle, it’s no coincidence. Pimples in this area are thought to indicate changing hormone or stress levels.

It’s easier to clear up your skin when you know which internal imbalance is at play. This is why we use The Infinity Way to get to the root of your problems first, then create a custom treatment plan just for you!  

Next, let’s take a look at the most common skin issues our patients see us for and our recommendations for relief. 

Back to balanced, from the inside out

Did you know that the quickest way for your body to detox is to release toxins through the skin? These toxins can present themselves on the surface in several ways – some more noticeable and irritating than others. 


Persistent and sometimes painful, acne can be caused by hormonal imbalance, diet, or other factors like excess oil production, bacteria, and inflammation. Stress is the biggest trigger of acne breakouts. Although it isn’t the root cause of acne, it can make it worse. 

For acne relief, we start in the gut. Try to cut out processed sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods to see if those are the source of your gut and skin inflammation. Pair this with our simple self-care techniques to lower stress! 


Eczema is a chronic condition that tends to flare up periodically and consists of itchy, red patches. The itching tends to intensify at night, which may cause a lack of sleep and have a negative impact on mood and self-esteem. We have found that eczema is usually caused by compromised liver function. 

We recommend an anti-inflammatory diet for eczema relief. It’s also effective to take prebiotics and probiotics to balance your gastrointestinal system! Learn more about how we heal patients’ guts for whole-body (and skin!) balance. 


This occurs when skin cells build up and form scales or dry, itchy patches. While topicals are often used to treat psoriasis, the root causes are often a dairy allergy and/or gut or liver issues – root causes that require a more holistic treatment. 

We help patients fight psoriasis by boosting their immune systems. Here are our favorite foods to increase immunity that you can incorporate into your diet! 

Small bumps

They flare up on soft skin – like the back of the knees or the backs of upper arms – and are not necessarily painful or irritating but can be aesthetically bothersome. Even more importantly, they’re an indicator that there may be a liver issue that requires a detox. 

While a detox may sound intimidating, there are easy ways to clean out your liver. Incorporate these simple detox habits into your routine to experience a difference in your skin! 


You can get hives for several reasons. They often show up as itchy, raised, red or skin-colored welts, triggered by a reaction to internal or external changes. We also see patients who have a genetic defect that prevents their bodies from breaking down histamine, a compound released by cells in allergic and inflammatory reactions. 

You can take immediate action to reduce hives by eliminating environmental irritants like pollen, dander, or mold. If these aren’t the source of your hives, see one of our doctors to uncover the root of this issue. 

The Infinity Way™: Healthy on the inside, healthy on the outside

Skin issues can be frustrating and confidence-crippling, but we’re here to help you overcome them. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors who will work with you to find the main cause of your skin issues! Let’s get you back to balanced with clear, inflammation-free skin.


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