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We Now Specialize in Treating and Preventing Sports Injuries

We Now Specialize in Treating and Preventing Sports Injuries

With the addition of Dr. Amanda Massey to the Infinity Wellness Center team, we have expanded our offerings of total chiropractic care. As a former college athlete, Dr. Massey experienced first-hand the value of chiropractic care in recovering from a sports injury and now uses that experience, as well as her education and training, to specialize in the prevention and treatment of injuries to extremities with chiropractic adjustments, fascial distortion model and cold laser therapy.


Proper body alignment and improved systems function achieved through regular chiropractic care is so important to the sports enthusiast and athlete in training, because it helps properly prepare the body for rigorous physical tests and makes injury less likely. However, because injuries to the upper and lower extremities — those occurring between the shoulder and wrist and between the hip and ankle — do still occur with regular frequency, chiropractic is also beneficial in the healing process. Dr. Massey has a unique understanding of sports injuries that allows her to go beyond healing the injury to ensuring the athlete can return to the sport of preference. The point of flexibility and healing in an athlete vs. a non-athlete is great, and having an understanding of sports-specific needs, as well as the different developmental stages in the musculoskeletal systems of youth and adult athletes, is invaluable in a treatment protocol.

Fascial Therapy

The fascia is the thin, elastic connective tissue that supports and protects most structures in the body, including the muscle. Overuse — or inactivity — muscle trauma and tension can restrict blood flow to this soft tissue, often resulting in pain and inflammation. Sometimes this condition is misdiagnosed as an injury such as a muscle strain or tear, or, if left untreated, can lead to one. Through Myofascial Release therapy, a form of massage, and Fascial Distortion Model, Dr. Massey targets skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing flexibility, and improving circulation.

Used for treating an array of orthopedic and non-orthopedic injuries and conditions, fascial therapies are a proactive response to muscle pain and weakness that has conventionally been treated with rest and NSAIDs. Faster healing and better outcomes often occur.

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation in affected muscle and accelerate tissue repair. The targeted use of cold lasers increases the body’s own vaso-dilating and anti-inflammatory agents and encourages heightened levels of the body’s own naturally occurring pain reducers. In addition, the increased cell activity stimulated by cold laser treatments assists in repairing damage to muscle, ligaments, skin and nerves. Dr. Massey has worked on injury rehabilitation with elite athletes in multiple sports, all while continuing her own training in horseback riding and swimming. See what she can do for you!

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