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the Lyme experts at infinity wellness center

Meet the Lyme Experts of Infinity Wellness Center

Our healing clinic is uniquely qualified to support patients recover from Lyme. Why? Because 3 of our 4 practitioners have... Read the Article →
symptoms and stages of lyme disease

Symptoms and Stages of Lyme Disease

The symptoms and stages of Lyme can be easily attributed to other issues and causes, especially in western medical communities.... Read the Article →
healing from lyme disease

Healing from Lyme Disease: Karly Baughn

In this video interview from 2021, Dr. Wards interviews one of our Lyme Disease patients. Karly Baughn describes what the... Read the Article →
energy medicine healing session

Find Better Sleep & Tranquility with Energy Medicine

Do you wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed? I’ve been there. It’s a frustrating yet common issue that people face... Read the Article →
a variety of herbs that can be found in most kitchens

Insomnia Relief: Find It in Your Kitchen

Sleep plays an important role in whole-body health. While asleep, your brain detoxifies metabolic waste, rebuilds new neural connections, resets... Read the Article →

What are the Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Infinity Wellness Center functional medicine practitioners work with you to uncover the root of your chronic fatigue syndrome & help you find relief, naturally. Read the Article →

How I Grew Over An Inch In My Mid 30’s

Guest Blogger - Jill Powell from Rethinking Alternative Focused on real Food, Health and Home Education  I never knew much... Read the Article →

Best source of Calcium – Greens!

Many of you who know me, know I do not believe that milk is the best source of Calcium. Take a moment... Read the Article →

Where is my Thyroid Gland? What does it do for me?

Do you have a thyroid gland issue? I have found in practice most people know more about their computers or... Read the Article →