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the Lyme experts at infinity wellness center

Meet the Lyme Experts of Infinity Wellness Center

Our healing clinic is uniquely qualified to support patients recover from Lyme. Why? Because 3 of our 4 practitioners have... Read the Article →
symptoms and stages of lyme disease

Symptoms and Stages of Lyme Disease

The symptoms and stages of Lyme can be easily attributed to other issues and causes, especially in western medical communities.... Read the Article →
healing from lyme disease

Healing from Lyme Disease: Karly Baughn

In this video interview from 2021, Dr. Wards interviews one of our Lyme Disease patients. Karly Baughn describes what the... Read the Article →

Why Do I Hurt? Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

  Pain is a part of life. Even those who don’t engage in risky sports or other activities can have... Read the Article →

Healing Dr. V

Watch our vlog documenting the process of healing our own Dr. V's injured calf. Our chiropractor, Dr. Massey will use... Read the Article →

5 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Your Posture!

Article written by Danielle Vernon, orthopedic physical therapist and specialist in spine and ergonomics conditions.   Danielle owns and operates WorkWise Ergonomic... Read the Article →

5 Tips to Happier Holiday Traveling

Guest Blogger - from Danielle Vernon, PT, CEAS III, Backbone Cushion If you’re like many Americans, you may be starting... Read the Article →