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Skin Health: Diet, Genetics & Anti-Aging

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If your goal is to gain clear skin or prevent aging, your first instinct may be to reach for skincare. Good hygiene and quality skincare are important, but they don’t replace the impact that a healthy gut has on your skin. 

Read on for our top tips to achieve better gut health that promotes radiant skin, prevents signs of aging, and minimizes frustrating skin issues like acne, eczema, and hives. 

Your skin: A barometer for your gut health

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You probably already know this, but your brain isn’t the only source of control in your body. The gut plays a large role, too! It’s where your body makes nutrients, metabolizes hormones, detoxifies enzymes, and neutralizes pathogens. These are all key functions that dictate how your body operates. To put it simply, your gut has a large impact on whole-body health. 

If your gut microbiome or nutrient levels become unbalanced, your skin will tell you. Common skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and hives that can make skin red, inflamed, and painful, are linked to poor gut health.  

Although these conditions appear differently, their commonality is inflammation – where there’s skin inflammation, there’s often gut inflammation! Next, we’ll talk our tried-and-true recommendations to heal from the inside out. 

More than a gut feeling

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to avoid inflammation and gain radiant skin, but many patients find success with these healthy tactics.  

1) Pick the right probiotics.

The living microorganisms inside probiotics can improve gut function. Our favorite ways to incorporate probiotics into patients’ diets are in probiotic-rich foods like kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt.  

When you buy these items at the store, it’s important to note that not all probiotics are made equal. Some kombucha and yogurt have added sugars which can worsen inflammation and skin issues, so always read the nutrition label. Based on each patient’s unique goals and gut balance, we also recommend probiotic supplements with higher bacteria counts from our wellness store.   

2) Cleanse your system. 

If you’re interested in a whole-body reset, consider a gut cleanse. They can last anywhere from 3-30 days depending on the goal of the cleanse. Ask your provider for their recommendation based on your personal plan.  

To start the new year with a clean slate, consider our full body detox that begins in January! Learn more and register today. [insert link] 

3) Find more fiber. 

Fiber, like probiotics, is a great gut-friendly addition to your diet. Fiber can’t be broken down by the body which helps to regularly get rid of waste and prevent constipation. 

A quick trip to the grocery store will help you stock up on fibrous whole foods like asparagus, raspberries, onions, pears, bananas, and garlic. Oatmeal and rice are two fiber-packed grains that also help your gut! 

4) Avoid high histamine foods. 

Do you suffer from chronic itchiness, dermatitis, or hives? Histamine intolerance may be the culprit. Histamines are chemicals produced by the immune system to protect you from allergic reactions by ridding the body of toxins through your skin. A histamine intolerance is when it’s hard for your body to flush histamine compounds from your system. 

Your histamine intolerance may be genetic. Genes AOC1 and HNMT indicate that you have a poor ability to break down external histamine. See the chart below for foods that are high in histamine and trigger its release in the body. These are the foods you want to avoid.

A chart that shows which foods contain low and high histamine levels.

It’s important to note that some of the foods listed – fermented foods, yogurt, certain fruits – only need to be avoided if you have a histamine intolerance. Otherwise, as mentioned previously, these foods are great for gut health! 

5) Support your gut and skin beyond nutrition. 

Incorporate other activities that work simultaneously with a proper diet to improve gut health.   

  • Regular exercise helps move food through your digestive system and balances your gut bacteria. Workouts don’t have to be extreme! 30-minute walks, low-impact yoga, Pilates, HIIT, or other exercises based on your ability all have their benefits. 
  • Conscious de-stressing is easier said than done, but it’s impact can’t be understated. Stress disrupts your gut-brain-skin connection and can cause breakouts, itchy skin, and other irritations. Meditation, journaling, and self-care activities help manage stress. 
  • Proper hydration promotes healthy gut action and keeps skin plump, dewy, and healthy! When in doubt, always drink more water and caffeine-free teas.  

Achieve skin solutions with The Infinity Way 

Your gut and skin are unique which means you need solutions that are tailored to you and your goals. With The Infinity Way™, we take your entire medical history into account, which includes past gut and skin irritations, to reveal imbalances.  

From there, we cleanse and heal your gut  and by proxy, your skin! – to repair any damage. This crucial step is where we address inflammation and work together to reduce it. We then arm you with the knowledge, support, supplements, and plan to help you look and feel your best.  

We want to improve embarrassing skin issues that hurt your confidence. Starting with your gut, we’ll help you heal and achieve radiant, healthy skin! For an added boost of natural skin hydration, try Dr. Wards’ favorite lotion, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion. 

Make an appointment now with one of our doctors to see how we can help you meet your wellness goals! 

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