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What it Takes to Get Results as a Functional Medicine Patient

The goal of Functional Medicine is to approach autoimmunity, as well as basic health, through natural and holistic care solutions that address the underlying cause of illness and not just treat the symptoms.

By looking at all aspects of a person’s health, the reason for immunity dysfunction can be identified and balance restored, many times allowing symptoms to resolve on their own and halting the progression of the disease.

Along this journey, it is important that doctor and patient work together. This process requires a doctor you can trust with your health as well as the patient taking the doctors advice to heart & implementing their suggestions. The following four reminders will help you stay on track to a healthier lifestyle and make sure you and your doctor are on the same page.


Commitment is required to ensure success with functional medicine. It requires that you, the patient, are willing to trust and walk alongside your doctor on this journey in order to seek an overall healthier lifestyle. You absolutely must be as committed to your health as your doctor is.

In order for this to happen, being completely honest with your doctor is a must. This is imperative in helping your doctor to know which areas to focus on and help you the most. Your doctor wants to see you succeed as much as you do! We are here to help and encourage along the way. Stick it out. Don’t give up. Your results in the end will be well worth the journey!  


Diet and functional medicine go hand-in-hand. This journey begins when you decide that you want to be careful with the way you treat your body, which includes everything you consume. Together, you and your doctor can come up with an individualized plan that works best for your health needs and goals. There are key elements that will help you stick with your new plan of success. A food journal can be a great way to help you stay on track, while also giving your doctor detailed insight into what may or may not be working for you. Having a meal plan can also help you to stay on track with eating right. Impulse decisions to eat out are going to be your worst enemy. Carry healthy snacks with you. Take the step-by-step decision making off the table and be prepared wherever you go.


Supplements can help determine how your body responds to your new diet and make sure you are still getting all the vitamins and nutrients required. Working with the expertise of your doctor can take the guesswork out of deciding on which supplements would work best for you. Your body deserves the best chance to be successful, which means you should not cheap out on supplements. Often, the cheaper a supplement is, the lower the quality is. Your doctor can make sure your supplements are helping your wellness journey, rather than hindering it. 


Mentality during your journey to health is going to make or break your successes. Remember that health is a lifelong journey that doesn’t happen overnight. A lifestyle change is going to take time, patience, and dedication. Effort must be extended to see results. Stick with it and don’t give up on yourself! You have what it takes to become stronger and healthier. Even if you aren’t sick or experiencing health issues, functional medicine can help to elevate your well-being to a whole new level. All the supplements in the world cannot combat negative thoughts, unhealthy lifestyles, and overly stressful environments.

Unlike conventional medicine’s one-size-fits-all approach, functional medicine’s more individualized method accounts for all aspects of a person’s health and lifestyle history to maximize healing and minimize further destruction. Health not only impacts all areas of life, but also impacts the lives of those around you. Let our doctors help you on your journey to a healthier, better you!

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