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Natural Ways to Overcome Anxiety Now

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We’ve all dealt with bouts of anxiety and have felt its impact on our bodies. I definitely have! Maybe you have a big decision to make about your career, relationship or lifestyle – or you’re juggling many responsibilities at once.  

These stressors may cause you to feel restless, unable to focus or have a rapid heartbeat. Those are all normal, temporary reactions to stress. But what happens when those feelings don’t go away?  

Chronic anxiety and anxiety disorders are conditions where those feelings of dread or uneasiness linger much longer and may even get worse over time. Severe anxiety interferes with daily life. Luckily, there are natural options to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Read on to learn more. 

How Can We Help You Today?

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Self-Guided Programs

Reclaim your health at your own pace with our Infinity Way™ self-guided programs. Tackle gut issues, lymphatic drainage, your nutrition, mental wellness and more.

Self-Guided Care
Dr. Wards provides natural, holistic medical care via functional medicine - all via telehealth

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Become a patient to get started on your journey to a healthier life. You’ll work with our team, via personal telehealth sessions, to discover the root core of your symptoms.

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We have a trove of information on our website. From stress and anxiety to balancing hormones, nutritional guidance to fighting parasites, you’re sure to learn something new.


Genetics & Testing

People approach life from a wide range of anxiety levels. Some can take life’s challenges in stride, while others see these obstacles as huge stumbling blocks. Anxiety levels are part of our genetic makeup and can make us predisposed to being anxious.

genetic testing for anxiety and depression

Genetic testing can determine if you have certain markers. From there, you can make adjustments to help reduce your stress. This genetic testing aims to fill your genetic gaps by supplementing what your body cannot make on its own. Using The Infinity Way, we assemble a multi-vitamin specific for your genes and needs. For more information on genetic testing and how it works, explore our information on genetic testing analysis and genetic defects.


When you run through potential scenarios in your head, you create mental imagery. Much of the time, you don’t control what you see; your brain plays on your concerns and fuels anxious thoughts. 

Visualization is healthy to manage stress by picturing a beautiful, relaxing place you would love to visit. Once a restful mental “movie” is playing, use your senses to make it feel real. If you’re on a beach, for example, imagine smelling the salty air, hearing waves breaking at the shore, and feel the warm sunshine on your skin. This works to remove yourself from the cycle of overthinking. 

Next, we look at ways you can physically relieve anxiety symptoms. 


Busy lifestyles can make it hard to find self-care time. But when faced with anxiety, I always make it a point to listen to my body and rest. The best self-care doesn’t have to be time-intensive and it has other hidden health benefits, too!  

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Explore our guide for 5 self-care practices you can do right now to ease anxiety. Some of them are simpler than you may think. Consider activities like:

  • Detox baths 
  • Proper nutrition & healthy meals 
  • Light exercises, like walking or slow flow yoga

No matter which practices you use, be sure to give yourself some grace during times of stress. Finally, we’ll see how chiropractic care eases anxiety symptoms. 

Chiropractic Care

During times of stress, tension builds and eventually results in inflammation and pain throughout the body. Chiropractic care can help in two ways. First, when a chiropractor aligns your spine, tension is released, the body is relaxed, and the literal physical stress on your body is reduced.  

Second, after a spinal alignment, the central nervous system is unblocked and can function effectively. This means that your mind can think clearly, messages are sent and received with precision, and your mental stress is reduced! 

Chronic anxiety impacts thousands of people, so know that you aren’t alone. When you need a helping hand on your wellness journey, myself and our team at Infinity Wellness Center will be here to support you. Schedule your appointment today and begin to feel like yourself again.  

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