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A lack of energy and vitality often isn’t the result of not getting enough sleep. There’s something more going on. Dr. Wards or Dr. VanNoy often prescribe a set of natural supplements that tap deep into the root causes of fatigue. You may see one or more of the following herbs on your personalized treatment plan. The descriptions below are not FDA approved and for informational purposes only.

Indian Soma Latha is a centuries-old herb used for strength, endurance and immune support. This sacred herb has been revered for centuries as the “elixir of immortality.”

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Artic Root has been shown to increase longevity, physical endurance, strength, and energy, and helps to activate lipase in long distance runners and swimmers. It helps to optimize serotonin and dopamine levels, benefiting mood elevation, attention span, memory and mental performance.

Rhodiola Crenulata (Tibetan Ginseng) is an adaptogenic herb used in Tibet for over 1500 years to help increase energy, strengthen the heart, lungs, memory, concentration, improve overall well-being and enhance longevity. It helps to improve oxygen flow to the heart, promotes healthy and regular heartbeat, and nourishes the lungs and eyes.

Fo-Ti has been called by the Chinese the “elixir of life” due to its invigorating effects on longevity, fertility, and vitality. It contains phytonutrients that help detoxify the blood, lubricate the intestines and promote increased energy and health.

Nopal Cactus is a nutrient-rich cactus used for centuries in many cultures. It is rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin and mucilage which help support digestion and intestines. It promotes normal urine flow, prostate and pancreas support, healthy blood sugar levels and insulin response.

European Thyme supports chemical and heavy metal detoxification.

Montmorillonite is a mineral fiber that contains unique detoxification support.

Oat Bran is well known for blood lipid and blood nutrient support, and binds to toxic chemicals.

Cordyceps has been studied extensively by the Chinese government in the 1970’s. They found 10 primary benefits of this herb. It promotes restful sleep, is a natural anti-cancer agent, helps to regulate blood pressure, aids asthma and other respiratory problems, has been shown to be a powerful sexual rejuvenator, increases energy levels and adrenaline, has anti-aging properties, regulates blood sugar levels, improves memory and mood, and increases absorption of other nutrients.

Bladderwrack has historically been used to enhance thyroid function. With its naturally rich iodine levels, it helps the body to overcome inflammation.

Kelp is rich in natural amino acids, vitamin, and minerals. It contains naturally occurring iodine, which is important for thyroid function in the body.

Uva Ursi promotes healthy body weight and water balance.

Indian Turmeric promotes healthy liver function for adequate thyroid hormones conversion.

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