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My Post Baby Healing Journey

Charlotte helping me through a birth wave (contraction)

Having a physical job I knew I needed to get my body back in alignment and strengthened in order to do my job.  Being a business owner, I needed to do that quickly as the longer I am out the bigger the detriment to the practice.  So we hired our phenomenal birth doula and owner of Aryudoula Charlotte, who is also a postpartum doula, to help me heal post baby.   I was office mates with Charlotte for almost 9 years and knew she did this work but had no idea what all it entailed until I received it.  It is an amazing service.

Ayurdoula offers restorative support for the new mother, with therapies that help her rebalance her nervous system, rekindle her digestive fire, and boost erratic energy levels so that she can master the challenges of immediate postpartum. Aligning with the principal “42 Days for 42 Years” as being the most important time in a woman’s postpartum care, these therapies allow her to regain a level of health that sustains her and the family for years to come.”

This work work is based on the principle of how you spend the 42 days following birth is a reflection of your health and will affect your body for the next 42 years.   So my focus was to spend this time laying low, bonding with my baby, and healing; Charlotte allowed me to do just that.

The first 42 days after birth set the stage for the next 42 years for women’s health, and for Baby’s health and happiness for life. This 42 day postpartum window is likely to be full of love and overwhelm, bliss and sleep deprivation, joy and pain, friends offering to help and moodiness, along with painful elimination, gas and bloating … but these discomforts can be prevented or greatly reduced by following Ayurvedic protocols set down thousands of years ago. This is the most important time to mother the mother in order to best serve maternal and newborn health.

Braised Fennel and Carrots

Our days of care with Charlotte consist of her arriving at 9:00 am and staying until 1:00 pm.  She would spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing a lactation tea, digestive herbal drinks, and healthy organic vegan gluten free/dairy free traditional aryuvedic meals and dessert for the next 24 hours.  I’d recieve a hot sesame oil aryuvedic massage and often she would tuck me and London back into bed after!  She also taught Michael and me infant massage to perform on the baby and taught me to bind my belly to shrink the uterus.  

I am convinced every new mom needs to know about this tradition and service,  I know it is a huge part of why I will have the strength to be back adjusting patients soon without doing damage to my own body!

Big thank you to everyone who pitched in on our registry for this service. It was truly priceless!

Ayurdoula Services, Chalrotte Sensensey Sternkind

Another great tool I used during the birth was a Postpartum healing kit from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  It included teas, balms, nipple butter, and bath herbs.  It was given to me as a baby shower gift and I plan to gift the same pack to new moms in the future!  Earth Mama

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