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I may not come home:-)

Rio Caliente Day one

It was apparent this was the perfect time for this excursion when as my younger brother drops me off at the airport and tells me to try and disconnect and relax as much as possible k? Ouch! Can he see I’m doing 2000 plus things and trying to start a 2nd business on top of that….I am going to a health ranch/spa that is literally in the middle of no where on a working interview – dream job? blessing? yes. I was told by Dr. Robin who helped me get the interview it’s as much of a challenge as it is a blessing – I will encounter some very very sick people.

Austin to Houston to Guadalajara – perfect smooth sailing – I said a little prayer that at customs in Mexico I would not be randomly searched and my acupuncture needles were not taken away – and whoo hooo the Lord granted my prayers. I make it through customs with not even as much as a second look. And I was stacked with supplements and needles that I knowingly took the risk of loosing. I approach a crowd of people, one man holding up a sign with my name on it – perfect!

We start the ride in his van from Guadalajara to the ranch. Towards the end we start climbing mountains and stop seeing civilization. Yep, exactly what I’m in need of…..but I had no idea how remote this health ranch/spa place is…yet…
Just when we’ve gone further into the mountains than seems normal- We pull in to the gates with bright colors, animal drawings on it to a huge open ranch of flowers, trees, green mountains, and water. Pretty amazing and hard to soak it all in. I’m told this is built on an Huicholes Indian healing ground by the driver. I’m also told lunch is being held for me.

After the organic vegetarian meal- which all the vegetables are grown on the grounds in a magnificent garden – the owner, Miss Caroline shows me around the grounds. The pools are fed with the water from the hot river, there is a steam room hidden down a stair way and of course the health and detox spa. She shows me my “casita”. Amazingly primitive, no heat, no television, no radio, no telephone, no computer, what the hell am I going to do in here? I thought. Then it hit me – disconnect –

Day 2

The place is nothing short of enchanting, words can’t describe it….it is amazing. It’s far from a resort. Its more of a ranch. There are horses, cows, dogs, cats and who knows what else roaming all over the resort. Yesterday I did pilates and water aerobics. Fun. There’s no heat in the rooms so I made a fire for warmth. The days are about 85 and the nights about 50. Perfect. My “casita” backs up to the hot river and I could hear it running all night – very romantic. This morning I walked to a very neat little bridge that’s real rickety that goes over the hot river and watched the steam come up from the water. The river is 160 degrees at some points—>don’t want to fall in! So cool.

After breakfast I’m going on a guided hike, apparently this place is built on a native healing ground. There is a hospital type structure in the side of a stone mountain we’re going to go see…..I’ll take pics….then this afternoon I start seeing patients and this evening I lecture. I was told 3 of the 7 nights I’m here, I’m the evening entertainment – Ha.! poor souls.

Day 3
I have gone horse back riding and hiking everyday. We hiked to a waterfall that was sooo cool yesterday. We rode up to the top of a mountain next to the volcano in the city of Tequila – yes where 90% of the liquor is made, very cool. Ready for this? hope you’re sitting down – I think I may want a pony now !

day 4 and I’m totally relaxed, this place is amazing. I did Yoga, and pilates today. I have a massage tonight and a mud wrap tomorrow….Yesterday I sunbathed nude for an hour or so- totally liberating. Word has spread with the guests and my books are full. I am doing reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture and energy clearings on the guests….I’ve already made a bit of money! On one of the hikes a lady slipped and I did reiki on her forehead out in the woods….very cool to be out in nature healing. Cara Marie – you’d be sooo proud !!! It felt very natural out in the woods.

This trip made me want to travel even more, I’m meeting people from all over the world and a lot of people from the NY, NJ areas – their travel stories are amazing……Most of the guests are corporate woman stressed out beyond belief needing a vacation, a release, a spiritual rebirth…..this is the perfect healing spot. I keep having a vision of Dianna Amorde taking a group down here.

I passed my working interview and will be back for two weeks in June.! Please think of joining me:-D Sooo worth it!

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