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Time for a vacation?

Stressed Out? Exhausted? In need of a rejuvenating vacation? We are excited to announce that Dr. Weine will be working... Read the Article →


If you live in Austin and other allergen-laden locales, you are certainly familiar with the outward symptoms of airborne allergies.... Read the Article →

A big thank you from Haiti

Most of you know I recently went on a Mission-Chiropractic trip to Haiti. It was truly life changing for me.... Read the Article →

Event Tomorrow Night

As most of you know, for those who know me, when I decide to do something...well...there's no stopping me.You know... Read the Article →

Wine to Water

Dr. Weine's leaving on April 16th!In case to you are unable to make our 'Donation Healing' night on April 7th,... Read the Article →

Healing in Haiti

As most of you know, those who know me, when I decide to do something...well....there's no stopping me. You know... Read the Article →

I may not come home:-)

Rio Caliente Day oneIt was apparent this was the perfect time for this excursion when as my younger brother drops... Read the Article →

5 Foods You Should Eat Daily

.::. 5 Foods You Should Eat Daily .::.   1. Spinach - Spinach is the best source of omega-3s (plant-based),... Read the Article →

What is your Body’s pH, and why is it important?

In my practice, with each new patient, I go through many different screening tests and use multiple tools and modalities... Read the Article →

Where is my Thyroid Gland? What does it do for me?

Do you have a thyroid gland issue? I have found in practice most people know more about their computers or... Read the Article →

Valentine’s day. Love is in the Air…..Or is it just Pheromones???

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: If there is any reaction, both are... Read the Article →

Why Detox?

Why would I need or want to do a cleanse? We live in a toxic, toxic world. Even with ongoing... Read the Article →