Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!


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Tips for a Healthy-ish Halloween

There are solutions for adults and kids alike for having a healthy-ish Halloween while keeping it fun and delicious. Below... Read the Article →
Image of a woman expanding her brain function. Boost your brain function through nutrition counseling with a functional medicine practitioner.

7 Foods to Boost Brain Function

The secret to a healthy brain and relief from cognitive issues is hiding on your dinner plate. While there isn’t... Read the Article →
uncover secrets of the gut-brain axis and show your gut some love - photo of a woman making a heart with her hand on her stomach

Unlock the Secrets of the Gut-Brain Axis

If you’ve ever experienced an unusual feeling in your gut during times of stress or have “gone with your gut”... Read the Article →
Achieve results with alternative holistic medicine, gi healthcare, nutrition counseling

Heal Your Gut with the RepairVite Diet

Bloating, inflammation, skin rashes, food sensitivities/allergies, fatigue, constipation, depression – do any of these symptoms sound familiar? The likely cause... Read the Article →
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Foods to Boost Immunity

Your commitment to health and wellness starts with a strong immune system. A healthy, balanced diet is a great way... Read the Article →
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Natural Herbs and Plants That Restore Energy

Nutrition recommendations for a healthy, happy you. A lack of energy and vitality often isn’t the result of not getting... Read the Article →
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Elements of a natural, delicious diet.

Nutrition recommendations for a healthy, happy you. While each healing program is personalized to our patients, there are a few... Read the Article →
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Not All Supplements are Created Equal

Our herbal products are guaranteed for purity and potency. Premiere and Quantum herbal products are sourced only from pristine growing... Read the Article →

New Year, New You Body Cleanse and Detox

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Genetic Testing for Vitamin D Deficiency

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Muscle Recovery After High Heat Workouts

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Allergies & Histamine Intolerance

Manage allergy symptoms the natural way. Our functional medicine doctors find & fix the root cause of histamine intolerance with holistic solutions. Read the Article →