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healthy yogurt in a mason jar

The Scoop on Yogurt!

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a plate of various foods, including salmon and beef


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a slab of beef may contain nasty hormones

Hormones In Meat

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a woman researching osteoporosis while drinking a glass of milk

Osteoporosis: Fact and Fiction

If you’ve seen the ads on TV or in magazines, you probably think your chances of getting osteoporosis are pretty... Read the Article →
a combination of healthy vegetables, avocado, goat cheese and olives, among other foods

Unhappy Hormones? Eat More Fat!

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a woman doling out a supplement from a jar, a table full of oranges in the background

Be Picky About Your Supplements

MYTH NO. 1: “ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE ALIKE.” No way. Just because you’re taking an herb, mineral, or vitamin you need... Read the Article →
a selection of organic foods, including homemade iced tea

Go Organic for Healthy Hormones and Weight Loss

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a breakfast of eggs, avocado and blueberries - studies have shown dietary cholesterol, like that found in eggs, does not raise our cholesterol levels

Test Your Cholesterol IQ

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Sickly Sweet: The Problem with Aspartame

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natural allergy relief recommendations from a functional medicine practitioner

Home Remedies for Allergy Symptoms

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thanksgiving dinner

How to Prevent Overeating This Holiday

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the switch witch turns candy corn into nutrition

The Switch Witch

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