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Lyme Disease

Chronic Fatigue

Lyme Disease Causing Chronic Fatigue and Pain and How Telehealth Appointments Can Help

Lyme Disease is a serious illness caused by bacteria transmitted through tick bites. This condition can lead to a variety... Read the Article →
Lyme Disease VS Mold Toxicity

Could mold toxicity be worsening your Lyme disease symptoms?

Are you or a loved one experiencing chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, joint pain, or anxiety, with no apparent cause despite... Read the Article →
the Lyme experts at infinity wellness center

Meet the Lyme Experts of Infinity Wellness Center

Our healing clinic is uniquely qualified to support patients recover from Lyme. Why? Because 3 of our 4 practitioners have... Read the Article →
symptoms and stages of lyme disease

Symptoms and Stages of Lyme Disease

The symptoms and stages of Lyme can be easily attributed to other issues and causes, especially in western medical communities.... Read the Article →
healing from lyme disease

Healing from Lyme Disease: Karly Baughn

In this video interview from 2021, Dr. Wards interviews one of our Lyme Disease patients. Karly Baughn describes what the... Read the Article →
Rebel Health Coach podcast

Rebel Health Coach

In today’s episode of The Rebel Health Coach Podcast, you'll hear Dr. Tenesha Wards and Thom Underwood do a deep... Read the Article →
enVibe life podcast

EnVibe Life Podcast

Dr. Tenesha shares her battle with Lyme disease and how it inspired her to help others in similar situations in... Read the Article →
the power within us podcast

The Power Within Us

Sunna van Kampen of The Power Within Us interviews Dr. Tenesha Wards in early 2022. The conversation covers all aspects... Read the Article →
5 star well-being podcast cover

5 Star Wellbeing

Arwen Bardsley is a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner and a Low Tox Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts... Read the Article →
podcast with Nate Haber

Overcoming Dysfunctional Medicine

Nate Haber, host of The Optimal Life podcast, interviewed Dr. Tenesha Wards in early 2022 about her experience with Lyme... Read the Article →
a green ribbon held up to the sky, Lyme Disease awareness

Brain Fog & Lyme Disease

One of the reasons Lyme disease, like some Autoimmune disorders, are so difficult to diagnose is because it presents with an... Read the Article →

“Under Our Skin”

Dr. Wards has studied Autonomic Response testing under Dr. Klinghardt, who is featured in the documentary on Lyme disease "Under... Read the Article →