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energy medicine healing session

Find Better Sleep & Tranquility with Energy Medicine

Do you wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed? I’ve been there. It’s a frustrating yet common issue that people face... Read the Article →
a variety of herbs that can be found in most kitchens

Insomnia Relief: Find It in Your Kitchen

Sleep plays an important role in whole-body health. While asleep, your brain detoxifies metabolic waste, rebuilds new neural connections, resets... Read the Article →
various towels and other bath products

Immune Boosting Baths for Health

A warm bath with essential oils relaxes the body, calms the mind, sleep better at night, and build up your... Read the Article →
a variety of herbs that can help with insomnia

Herbs for Insomnia

Chamomile is a sedative herb used for restlessness combined with irritability to soothe overwrought nerves. Hops is used as a... Read the Article →
an exhausted woman cannot sleep due to insomnia

What To Do About Insomnia?

By noon, you already feel exhausted. By 2pm, you’re nearly asleep. Even when your eyelids aren’t drooping, you know you aren’t operating... Read the Article →

Genetic Testing for Vitamin D Deficiency

Research shows that more than 75 percent of adults and teens in the U.S. may have low levels of Vitamin... Read the Article →

Awake Again? Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia

You roll over again, hoping against reason a new position will make the bed more comfortable, and somehow lull to... Read the Article →

Your Genetic Makeup – Genetic Testing for Optimal Wellness

What if by knowing what your genes say you can plan for the future to live a healthier life? What... Read the Article →