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Functional Medicine

a woman studying blood work in a lab

Conventional vs. Functional Blood Testing

Blood tests are a fairly routine part of a visit to the doctor used to both assess the current state... Read the Article →
a family holding hands as they make their way through the world

How to Achieve Functional Medicine Results

What's the difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine? We break it down and share tips on how to achieve the results you want. Read the Article →

Advantages of a Holistic Doctor

Why does pain exist?  Philosophers and theologians have tried to answer that question throughout history (and may never fully agree).... Read the Article →
illustration over a woman's neck and face showing the lymph system

How Your Lymphatic System Can Impact Your Healing Efforts

Have you been working on your health, but you have hit a wall? You may not be healing because your lymph is congested and not flushing out infections and toxins Read the Article →
the Lyme experts at infinity wellness center

Meet the Lyme Experts of Infinity Wellness Center

Our healing clinic is uniquely qualified to support patients recover from Lyme. Why? Because 3 of our 4 practitioners have... Read the Article →
symptoms and stages of lyme disease

Symptoms and Stages of Lyme Disease

The symptoms and stages of Lyme can be easily attributed to other issues and causes, especially in western medical communities.... Read the Article →
a woman fell asleep while studying

Chronic Fatigue: Are Hormones the Root Cause?

Are you constantly feeling exhausted, sluggish, tired, and drained of energy? Chronic fatigue syndrome can make it difficult to have... Read the Article →
Rise Up For You podcast

Rise Up For You

Rise Up For You is an educational and motivational company that focuses on enhancing company culture and personal development through... Read the Article →
a woman cleans her home to prevent mold from accumulating

How to Test For & Get Rid of Mold

Mold often hides in plain sight but can have a huge impact on health. Learn how our medical director tested her family for mold and her process for mold detox. Read the Article →
rooted in health

Rooted in Health

Dr. Tenesha Wards and Brian Christensen of Barlow Herbal get into origin stories, cleanses, and functional medicine testing and solutions.... Read the Article →
hormonally speaking podcast

Hormonally Speaking Podcast

Not only do our hormones impact us physically, but they are the deciding factor in our mental health. And there... Read the Article →
Naturopathic Medicine with Herbs

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Many people look for a healthcare practitioner who is trained to identify the underlying cause of disease and address their... Read the Article →