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How to Achieve Functional Medicine Results

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The goal of functional medicine is to provide you – and your family – with natural, holistic care solutions that help you achieve basic health goals and autoimmunity. Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of illness and goes beyond symptom treatment. 

How Can We Help You Today?

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Self-Guided Programs

Reclaim your health at your own pace with our Infinity Way™ self-guided programs. Tackle gut issues, lymphatic drainage, your nutrition, mental wellness and more.

Self-Guided Care
Dr. Wards provides natural, holistic medical care via functional medicine - all via telehealth

One-On-One Healing

Become a patient to get started on your journey to a healthier life. You’ll work with our team, via personal telehealth sessions, to discover the root core of your symptoms.

Become a Patient
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We have a trove of information on our website. From stress and anxiety to balancing hormones, nutritional guidance to fighting parasites, you’re sure to learn something new.


We are passionate about providing care to you, your partner, your children – anyone in your life that could benefit from natural support for their health issues. We evaluate all aspects of a person’s health to find and fix the root cause of immune dysfunction and restore balance to the body. Many times, symptoms resolve on their own and disease progression is halted!

Your functional medicine journey is unique – that’s why we use The Infinity Way™ to personalize care plans for each patient. Along this journey, it’s important to understand that your health is an investment that requires time and patience. We’ll be there with you and your family every step of the way! Here are four reminders that will help you stay on track to achieve your wellness goals.

1. Commitment

Commitment is necessary for your functional medicine journey. It requires that patients are willing to trust their doctor in order to seek an overall healthier lifestyle. You and your family should plan to be as committed to your health as your doctor is.

In order for this to happen, it’s important to be completely honest with your doctor. This helps your doctor know which areas to focus on and help you with the most. Your doctor wants to see you, your partner, and your family succeed as much as you do!

We are here to help and encourage along the way as long as you are ready to put in the dedication. Your results in the end will be well worth the journey!  

2. Diet

Diet and functional medicine go hand-in-hand. This journey begins when you decide that you want to be careful with the way you treat your body, which includes everything you consume. Together, you and your doctor will create an individualized plan that works best for your health needs and goals.

Here are a few key elements that will help you stick with your new plan of success.

  • A food journal is a great way to help you stay on track and gives your doctor detailed insight into what may or may not be working.
  • Meal planning helps you make a game plan to eat right and stick to your goals.
  • Patience with yourself and the plan is crucial – transformation doesn’t happen overnight!

3. Supplements

Supplements can help make sure you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to succeed. Rely on your doctor for recommendations here – they take the guesswork out of choosing which supplement will work best.

There are many inexpensive supplement brands that overpromise and underdeliver – often because of their low quality. Your body deserves the best chance to be successful, which means you should prepare to invest in high-quality supplements.

4. Mentality

Your mentality during your journey to health will make or break your successes. Health is a lifelong journey that takes time – lifestyle changes require patience and dedication. Stick with it and don’t give up on yourself! You have what it takes to become stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Even if you aren’t sick or experiencing health issues, functional medicine can help elevate your well-being to a whole new level. 

Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. You and your family deserve a personal approach to health and wellness. Set your partner, family, and other loved ones up for success – we’ll show you how. Let our doctors help you on your journey to a healthier, better you! Become a patient here.

For more information on how functional medicine is different than conventional medicine, see The Institute for Functional Medicine or browse some of our resources:

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