Austin Holistic Doctor

Why does pain exist?  Philosophers and theologians have tried to answer that question throughout history (and may never fully agree). But though the philosophical answer may elude us, the physiological reasons behind pain are evident — your body is sending you a message. Don’t put your hand on the stove, it will destroy your hand. Sit up straight, it’s better for your back. Whether you suffer from ongoing pain in the back, neck, feet, or wrists (carpal tunnel), it’s there because your body is sending a message that something isn’t right.

But rooting out the exact problem isn’t easy, especially when you get into conditions like stress and anxiety, recurrent headaches, or migraines. These, along with any other ongoing feelings of discomfort, disrupt your life, and can’t be fixed as easily as “take your hand away from the stove.” These conditions could be resulting from any number of underlying root issues, but you just don’t know what. The body’s message isn’t clear.

In the face of this uncertainty, much of western health care turns to medicine. If you have headaches or other pain, the doctor gives you a painkiller to numb the hurt. If you have stress and anxiety, he prescribes antidepressants to dull the nerves. This solves the problem, for the moment. But unless you plan on popping pills for the rest of your life, you’ll need to address the root problems behind the symptoms.

If you want to dig deep and uproot these underlying issues, you’ll want to see a Austin holistic doctor.

A holistic doctor looks at the whole person, not individual symptoms. He views each patient as an individual, where one-size-fits-all cures don’t apply. Any condition of discomfort is the result of numerous factors between the patient and his environment — diet exercise, posture, sleep, and more. The holistic doctor doesn’t instruct his patient, but partners with him to produce the most lasting cure.

This happens largely through natural health solutions. The human body has amazing intrinsic healing properties — when properly taken care of, the human body can heal itself. Holistic doctors learn their individual patients and their lifestyles to promote conditions ripe for intrinsic self-healing. Holistic treatment may include “alternative” or complementary therapies, including but not limited to massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and more.

Doesn’t this sound better than the symptom management of regular western health care? Most doctors focus on alleviating the symptoms, a short-term fix for a long-term problem. They never fix the root problem. If you want to cure the underlying conditions that cause your pain, talk to a holistic doctor in Austin today.

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