Workshops Offered

As a way of giving back, we offer a community out-reach program which includes free workshops and seminars in our office and at locations throughout our local community. Our goal is to educate our community members about their health concerns, nutrition and how they can improve their health and overall quality of life.

Our Doctors have held lectures and workshops at People’s Pharmacy, Curves, The Crossings (now Travaasa Spa), Riverplace Country Club, The Texas Lyme Disease Association and The Herb Bar.

If you are interested in one of our Workshops please contact us in advance, as we have limited workshops available each quarter.

Each of these programs are focused specifically to the group we are working with. Each member
of the audience will receive specific steps and information to help them make beneficial changes.

Our Most Popular Workshops Have Been:

MTHFR: The Genetic Methylation Mutation

Knowing your genes and their mutations can help enable you to take back your health! Join Dr. Elena Villanueva and learn how MTHFR can be a barrier for healing for many people, including children with autism and sufferers of Lyme disease or chronic fatigue, and find the best approaches for reversing the effects of MTHFR.


Kinesioloy Taping – Have you ever wondered why Misti May or Serena Williams have colored tape on their shoulders or legs during high stakes matches?

Kinesiology tape is a performance enhancing supportive tape that is used by elite athletes and other competitors who want an edge in their sport. It can also be a great tool for pain management and postural re-education for weekend warriors and even chronic pain from sitting at a desk for too long.

This class will explain how the tape works, how it can be useful for managing pain, reducing swelling/bruising, increasing proprioception and muscle firing time, and providing support to prevent injuries.


Thyroid Dysfunction – Learn the difference between Hyperthyroidism and
Hypothyroidism and how to rebalance your body without medication or hormones.

Thyroid Dysfunction/My lab work is normal but I still have symptoms?
Of the 7 patterns of Thyroid symptoms only 1 is helped by hormone therapy. The other 6
are often mishandled and cause a lifetime of stress and frustration. Let us teach you
about the 6 patterns of Hypothyroidism and how to effectively treat them. We can also
help you understand Autoimmune challenges and to properly manage them. Our goal is to
uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms and begin the healing process to
improve your daily life.


Chronic Fatigue – Increase your energy and get back to having 14 hours of energy for
your 12-hour days.

Chronic Fatigue/Why am I so tired?
The diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue are vague and often don’t match actual patient
complaints. The key is finding the correct starting point for each individual and avoiding
general protocol treatments. Learn how each symptom can be addressed and how they
can be linked through all of your body’s systems. We can show you how to regain your
energy and your life.


Why Detox? – We live in a toxic world, and toxins are stored in our adipose tissue (fat
cells) making us hold weight. Learn to detoxify and drop the toxins.

Why Detox? What is a toxin? How do we get toxic?
We live in a toxic world. Even with ongoing care, your body accumulates more toxins
than it eliminates. The majority of toxins are stored in adipose tissue (fat cells). When
these toxins are flushed FAT CELLS SHRINK, causing belly’s to flatten and problem areas
to dissolve!! Learn to address the major detoxification organs such as the Large and Small
Intestines, the Kidneys, and the Liver.


Lose Belly Fat – Our exciting Weight Loss/Metabolic Reset program demonstrates how to drop the weight
and keep it off without changing everything in your life.

Lose Belly Fat/What is really affecting my weight?
There are 6 fat burning hormones in your body. Learn how they can be triggered so that
you can more easily and successfully manage your weight. We go beyond eating, exercise
and calories. Our goal is to show you how to be healthy. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily
bring health, but getting healthy leads to sustained, normal weight.
Our Most Requested Topics.