Dr. Wards’ Personal Health Experiences

My exposure to natural healing started at a young age. My mom took me in for adjustments as a baby for ear aches and colic, but it was too soon then to know that I wanted to be a doctor. My mom tells a story about me at age 3, and a little bird. I kept an injured baby bird in a shoe box and nursed it’s brokenuntitled (3 of 104) wing back to health and let if fly off. My mom knew before I did that I’d end up in the medical field.

At age 8 or 9 my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This was traumatic for me to witness when, at one point, half his body was paralyzed and he was bed ridden. I loved and cared for him at his bedside and fought my mother, hard, when she forced me to go to school. After years of pain and suffering he had all the mercury fillings removed from his mouth with the advice of a holistic minded doctor. He was able to recover, function, and regain his enthusiasm for life. But nope, I only played doctor at this point and didn’t quite get my calling…yet.

At age 15 I became extremely sick. I woke up one morning unable to move any joint in my body. I had a red, feverish rash covering most of my skin. And I hurt, everywhere. The pain was intense. I cried, a lot. I remember my mother taking me to the Doctor through the back door of the clinic and I was quarantined due to my rash. I was sent to the hospital. Test after test, no one knew what was wrong with me. I was pumped full of drugs and steroids. I got worse, gained weight, and missed a lot of school. I remember looking up at my mom and telling her that I think I may die. The fear of not knowing what was wrong with me was overwhelming. A few days later, my mother came down with the same rash and was debilitated as well. At this point, we went home without a diagnosis and she took me off most of the medicines and I slowly started to get a bit better. I could function to an extent and bend the joints in my hands after running them under warm water. I visited the Chiropractor often for pain, and I was able to have temporary relief. This went on for a long time before my mother, doing her own research, asked the Doctors to test me for Lyme Disease. Well, at the time Lyme Disease, which is carried by deer ticks, was not known to be in Michigan and they refused. Finally, a natural minded Doctor tested us and found us positive for Lyme and successfully treated us. It took years of vitamins, herbs, detoxes, and cleansing to completely recover and get to the healthy state I am in today. But, still I didn’t see the signs God was sending me to be a Doctor, not yet anyway.

I caught up from missing time in high school and was able to graduate with my class. I enrolled in radiology school with a vision to help people get a diagnosis. I thought this was my calling. I worked in an ER in Flint, Michigan for a few years. I quickly realized I hated my job. I’d often come home crying due to the trauma and death I’d see. I had little patient relationship or connection. I never saw the patient again after I took their x-ray and wheeled them back to their room. Although I felt I was helping people find what may be wrong with them, it felt empty. I had to visit my chiropractor, Dr. Sharon, often for back pain from lifting patients. She was not only the daughter of my childhood chiropractor, she was also who I worked front desk for through college. I’d whine and complain to her often that I hate my job, it makes my joints hurt, and it makes me sad. I told her I loved working in her peaceful office where everyone felt happy when they left. She simply looked at me and said “Then go be a Chiropractor, with your history and success of natural medicine you’d be a great doctor.” Finally. Sometimes we just have to be told!

Chiropractic_Kids_Haiti_DrWeineFrom there the journey began. I called off an engagement, quit my job, and moved across the country from Michigan to Texas to start the Graduate program at Texas Chiropractic College. I also completed certifications in Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Activator Technique and became an Applied Clinical Nutritionist in hopes to gain more knowledge to help me find the “unknown cause” of my patient’s pain. In practice today, I strive to find the core root cause of a patient’s symptoms. I went undiagnosed as a young girl for a long time, long enough to have caused serious complications with my health. It was unsettling and frustrating to not understand why I was sick. It’s important to me to address the cause and to educate my patients as much as possible to empower them to take control of their health.