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American Heart Association

With February being the month of love – what better topic than Heart Health!
For the 4th year,  Dr. Wards is honored to be a participant of the Annual Go Red for Women fundraiser campaign for the American Heart Association, by photographer Korey Howell.   This spread will be featured in Austin Woman Magazine February 2015.
She learned a few shocking facts while participating:
  • Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women age 20 and older, killing about one woman per minute.  More women die of heart disease than the next four causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer.
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    2015 Campaign with Baby London!


    2013 & 2014 Campaign

  • 90% Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease.
  • 1 in 3 three American women dies of heart disease, compared with one in 30 women who die of breast cancer.
  • 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if they make the right choices for their hearts, involving diet, exercise, and abstinence from smoking





Are you at risk??   Get a baseline of the following tests – are you currently in range?  If you are not in range, consider supporting your heart naturally!   For more on prevention click here 

Flip-Flop to Nigeria

We are excited to announce we have been chosen as a Flip Flop to Nigeria drop off location for the past 3 years!  FLIP FLOP to NIGERIA was founded in 2012 by Spruce Dickerson, Miss Plus America Elite 2011.
10262091_10201032471654026_1396434427138458935_nOther Drop off Locations Include:
*Russ and Company Salon
*Austin Fairy Godmother
*Fort Hood Fairy Godmother
*Fastframe & The Westlake Gallery
*TownLake YMCA
*Signature Bridal Salon
*Old Navy-Georgetown




Dr. Tenesha recently branched out a bit with the practice and went on a Mission-Chiropractic trip to Haiti. This will be the first of many we’re sure. Here is a little bit about Dr. Tenesha’s experience, a video she made and how it changed her:

The trip was lead by Dr. Peter Morgan who has a practice in NY and has made it his mission to travel to deprived third world countries to heal where he Chiropractic_Kids_Haiti_DrWeineis needed. His focus has recently become Haiti. In the states, he has a Haitian patient, Surrell, who drives a cab and sends money back to his family in Haiti. Two days after the earthquake Dr. Morgan and Surrell and went to Haiti for relief work. Upon their arrival, they discovered that children were being left at Surrell’s home after they lost their parents in the earthquake because the community knew they’d have the best chance to be fed there since Surrell, as poor as we would see his lifestyle to be, was considered wealthy by Haitian standards. Four months later Surrell and his wife Sheila’s home is now a makeshift Chiropractic Orphanage thanks to Surrell and Dr. Peter Morgan.

Dr. Tenesha headed on her first mission trip shortly after the January Earthquake in 2010.  During this mission she and other Doctors and students stayed in tents on the roof of this orphanage/house and we have gifted the pleasure of spending time loving on the kids. Each day they went out into the tent cities and hospitals adjusting people and came home each night greeted by hundreds of little angel smiles. These babies taught her a lot about herself.  “I didn’t know that I could love this much, that this much love even existed.”

Mission Trip Video

Dr. Tenesha journaled:

“When we adjusted the people their eyes literally lit up and some even raised their hands in glory when they could feel the immediate relief on their bodies. It was so beautiful and I took home way more from Haiti than any material items we left behind.

I learned a bit of Haiti’s history that I feel strongly needs to be shared – the island consists of people who were brought over by the French as slaves from Africa. The slaves quickly outnumbered the French and revolted. The French jumped ship and went to New Orleans leaving the Haitian people with no education, and no infrastructure. The French later demanded that Haiti buys its freedom from them affecting Haiti’s economy for the next 100 years.

Then the earthquake of Jan 12th, 2010 came to devastate a country that already had a hard time feeding its people. The hardest thing to see were hungry, dehydrated babies living in filth in constructed, dirt-floored tents.  I was tough living conditions for all, yet the Haiti were so joyful, thankful and happy to be alive.  I’ve never felt so alive.”

Dr. Wards look forward to another mission trip again soon!

Center for Child Protection

Dr. Tenesha and her husband Chef Wards own a catering company that puts on a special Valentine dinner where all the proceeds went to the Center for Child Protection.  The Center for Child Protection, a nationally accredited children’s advocacy center, is the first stop for children in Travis County who are suspected victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and for children who have witnessed a violent crime.  

Thank you Card


Mobile Loaves and Fishes

We also give back locally by participating in Mobile Loaves and Fishes truck runs.  Mobile Loaves and Fishes is one of the Westlake Chamber’s Humanitarian Projects.  Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social outreach ministry committed to providing permanent, sustainable solutions for the chronically homeless, with compassion, love and dignity.  Their mission relieves the struggles homeless individuals face in obtaining their basic needs, food, community and a place to call home.  For more info on Mobile Loaves and Fishes click here.

pic        pic2

We find volunteering with mobile loaves and fishes a great way to build authentic relationships while helping develop, promote and participate in philanthropic projects that support the Westlake and greater Austin communities.


Heal in Comfort

This ad appeared in the October 2012 issue of Austin Woman Magazine. The women and businesses you see listed, gave generously of their time and money to benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas by providing Heal in Comfort Kits provided by  Ad and photographs are by Korey Howell.  Dr. T’s donation reason is below – Please take a moment to read the other ladies stories at Korey Howell’s Studio – Headshot business portraits

Although myself nor a family member, thankfully, has not had a personal experience with breast cancer, my husband is a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and I have overcome Lyme Disease.  In business, my goal is to budget quarterly to donate to a charity and/or non-profit.  Knowing Cherie Mathews’ mission, purpose and passion for women’s dignity during such a difficult time, I could not resist this campaign this quarter.   After Micheal going through chemo and radiation treatment and personally knowing what being sick feels like, having dignity in those dark hours can keep one’s spirit going strong for days, weeks and years longer


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