It’s tempting to put off self-care because of all the tasks you’re faced with every day. Carving out time in your busy schedule may not seem like an option, but self-care is an important part of your overall wellbeing and is more accessible than you think.

Practicing self-care guards against feelings of hopelessness and depression, and it has hidden health benefits. Here is the best part: self-care doesn’t have to be time intensive! Let’s take a look at some things you can do right now to improve your self-care habits.

1. Learn to say no.

Setting boundaries is a lesser-known form of self-care, but one that you shouldn’t overlook. You might find it hard to say no, especially at work; however, taking on projects that exceed your workload capability can impact your performance and mental health.

Unmanaged stress levels can lead to digestion, inflammation, and immunity issues. Managing this stress is an important building block for other self-care practices. Read on…

2. Move your body.

Get moving! Get up, if you’re able, and move your body for 30 minutes every day. If 30 minutes seems too ambitious, short bursts of activity are just as beneficial. You don’t need special equipment or a dedicated workout plan. Take a 10-minute walk in between virtual meetings, spend 10 minutes of your lunch break going up and down the stairs, or use 10 minutes of the kids’ nap time to hop on the treadmill.

No matter how you achieve your 30 minutes, moving helps release endorphins and gets your heart pumping. Long-term benefits of exercise include reduced anxiety and boosted serotonin levels.

3. Practice the three 10s.

A quick mediation break is something you can practice anywhere, anytime. Breathe in for 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds, breathe out for 10 seconds. A 30-second pause when you feel overwhelmed or stressed paired with deep breathing helps oxygen flow through your blood. Do this for a few minutes to remove yourself from the moment and engage in something that’s just for you.

4. Block out some “you time”.

It’s important to identify what you need to recharge. When you feel yourself being pulled in many different directions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not make space for your own wellbeing. This is when “you time” is most important. Find a distraction-free zone to engage in something that you enjoy.

This could be journaling, reading a few chapters of a book, or even guilt-free scrolling through your social media of choice! It can also be helpful to spend this time working on a self-care routine to use in the future.

5. Nourish your body.

Good nutrition is a form of self-care that has a lasting impact on your body. Properly fueling your body with basic, whole sources of nutrition like vitamins, quality protein, minerals, healthy fats, and carbohydrates keeps energy levels up and stress levels down. Take our advice for a colorful, diverse diet to boost your immunity.

You’re constantly on the go, but nourishing foods can be easily incorporated into your schedule. Keep portable portions of healthy snacks like nuts and fruit within close reach!

We can all use the reminder to take care of ourselves, which is why we created the ultimate self-care package that’s focused on the Celebration of You. If you’re ready to take the first steps toward whole-body wellness, schedule your first appointment.

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