23 and Me Gene Report Analysis

We prefer to use Genomix Labs for genetic testing.  Is is the most time and cost effective genetic labratory testing.

If you have the 23 AND ME test we can analyze as well and formulate a protocol specific to your individual genetic needs.  This is an extended appointment listed in our scheduleing software as 23 AND ME ANALYSIS APPOINTMENT.

You must have the following completed 5 business days prior to your 23 AND ME Genetic Analysis appointment so we can research your case:

  • You must take the DNA cheek swab test from www.23andme.com.  Takes 10-12 weeks for results.
  • Take the raw data results from the 23andme.com site and upload it into www.livewello.org to get the variance report, under the Gentics menu item (there is a charge for these reports and they walk you through how to do this).  Print and email us the results 5 business before your appointment. 
  • Book your 23 AND ME Genetic Report Analysis HERE
    In this appointment we analyze your outside Genetic test (23 AND ME Genetic report) and formulate a protocol specific to your individual genetic needs.  You MUST send us your Genetic Variance from www.Livewello.com report (see below) FIVE business days before your appointment.   New and Existing patients may book this appointment.   The $365 price is in addition to the regular appointment cost, as this is for the analysis we do prior to your appointment. 


  • STEP 1 – 23andme.com
  1. When signed in to 23andme.com
  2. Select menu tab – TOOLS
  3. Select – I understand
  4. Click on drop down option – Browse Raw Data
  5.  Select – DOWNLOAD
  6. At the bottom of the page – retype your password and click Download raw data
  7. That will give you a ZIP file
  8. Save Zip File to your computer
  • STEP 2 – Go to Livewello.com 
  1. Sign up with username and password and create a profile
  2. Click on Menu tab – Genetics.
    1. Select – Variance Reports.
  3. You will be prompted to pay 19.95 for the report.
  4. You will be then prompted to Upload your ZIP file here
  5. Select the saved zip file and select upload
  6. This is the report we need.  You will see columns with -/-‘s and +/+’s
  7. You can save and email us that file, OR type the Dr’s email address in to share it with us.