Patient Thank Yous

Here are just a few of our Heartfelt Patient Thank Yous.

I am so glad I found Dr V. at Infinity Wellness Clinic in South Austin. I try to tell her often that I thank God all the time for her in my life. She is always there for me and listens with intuitive ears searching for the best health plan for me. I am amazed  at the level of knowledge she has and the variety of ways she has to help whatever health challenge you might find yourself in. Every visit I have multiple things to thank her for that she has helped me conquer. She treats the whole person and not just the symptoms. Thank you Dr V. !

 Sam began working with Dr. V. over a year ago.  (He was suffering from neurosensory imbalances, attention issues, and gut imbalances, all affecting his ability to fully be in his life both academically and socially.)
  • History teacher:    “Sam was much more active in class discussions than in the past and has improved immensely at holding his attention during lectures or class conversations, something that has not always been easy for him.  I have found that Sam is daydreaming much less and seems to be a more attentive listener.  Sam seems more at ease, comfortable, and confident in himself.” 
  • Math teacher:    “I think Sam has grown out of any challenges that he might have had in the past–lack of confidence in particular.  There is now a sense from Sam that he can accomplish any material I put in front of him if he puts in the effort, which is never an issue.”

In 2006 I worked for a company where I stood on cement or marble floors each day without a chair to sit in during the hours I worked. After 4 years I realized that I was not able to squat down or get back up as easily as I used to do, then I noticed that my knees would swell when I was on my feet for a long period of time.  This did not keep my from running, walking, jumping, climbing stairs or any other activity I wanted to do.  In the last 4 years it was harder for me to get down and up as I could at one time when I was playing with my grandchildren, cleaning house, doing yard work or any simple task that I had to get down and up.

One day I was at one of my grandchildren’s games and sat in the bleachers instead of my lawn chair, as I usually do, when I got up the leave I noticed the first step down the bleacher my knees kind of tightened as I stepped down and my balance was not like it had been.  For several weeks I would think about how my knees and my balance did that day and wondered what I could do to fix my problem. I started praying for wisdom and direction from the Lord to show me what I could do since I did  not know where to turn.  Several months ago I had an appointment Dr. Wards and asked her if she could help me with my knee problem, her response was, “no, but I know who can help you with your knees.  Dr. Massey would be the one you need to go to, do you want to make an appointment with her?”  I could not jump on that quick enough and she happened to have an opening right after I met with Dr. Wards.

Dr. Massey has been a God send, I asked for direction and I had an answer.  Dr. Massey’s specialty is knees and she is good at what she does for her patients. The first few visits were painful but I knew I had to get past the pain to get results that I wanted.  It is amazing what I can do that I could not do as easily before.  I continue to exercise as I did  and I do the exercises Dr. Massey gave at least 4 times a week as well as sure the foam roller every day.  Dr. Massey’s wisdom and guidance has made a huge difference in my life, I am very grateful.


Thank you to Dr. V for helping my teenage son reclaim his life!  I wanted to try a functional medicine doctor’s approach to holistic health as my son struggles with food sensitivities, attention, and anxiety which have deeply affected him and thus his self confidence.  Dr. V made him feel so welcome immediately and encouraged him to take charge of his health.  At the end of his first visit, my son chose to let her help him.

He now says that it was the best decision he ever made.  “Life changing!”

Dr. V initially used the nutritional response testing and was spot on with what was going on in my son’s body.  The lab worked confirmed her findings and we began to get to work on a gut repair protocol as while as supplementation.  My son never complained once as to the mindfulness he was bringing into his life around food.  He immediately was feeling better.

I noticed he was more relaxed, talkative, motivated and energetic.  I just finished his midterm parent/teacher conferences to find out that he is “knocking it out of the ballpark” in terms of stepping into his life and being a leader.  He is focused, self motivated, and doing high level work according to his teachers.  His confidence has completely changed without having the level of anxiety and attention issues pulling him down.  He is soaring!!!

He now sees Dr. V once a month and we look forward to getting check up’s.  She is knowledgeable, kind, and a true healer.  She figured out the right “food”/supplementation that my son needed to feel good.
This deep physical work my son is going through is a great example that true healing only takes place when the patient is involved in the process.  I highly recommend Dr. V for any issue you may be experiencing.  Everything in the human body is connected.  We were not meant to be treating as parts, but rather the sum of the whole.

~Stacey L.

I started seeing Dr. Villanueva in August and what struck me immediately was how beautifully the Dr. & her staff expressed their patience, empathy and communication. It is so hard in this day to find an office where you like the doctor AND their staff! Their office is a serene setting and they make sure it stays that way. The whole team is your cheer leader; they WANT you to feel better. One testament to that is that they have worked with my fluctuating cash flow. If they don’t have a supplement in stock or unable to mail it to you they have no problem telling you where to find it elsewhere. Dr. Villanueva is there to educate not dictate. My health issues span several facets (insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, foggy brain, memory loss, adrenal fatigue to name a few) and after trying medical doctor after medical doctor and getting only temporary relief I attended a talk at People’s Pharmacy Dr. V gave and heard she had been through some similar experiences I had. She too sought out help through Western medicine and was disappointed. Through her guidance, adjustments and organic herbs and supplements I have been sleeping better, craving less sugar, eating smaller portions because I’m fuller faster, have a clearer mind, my anxiety has lowered and I have more energy plus I’m happier – even my husband says so!


Dr. Wards saved my life, too. She is the 25th health practitioner I’ve seen in my life for many, many health problems and no one has been able to help me heal food allergies, fatigue, sleep issues, etc. For at least the past 20 years I’ve eaten only organic food, no toxic anything in my life, and exercise 5 days per week, so should be healthy as a horse. My first visit, she suspected a genetic defect and recommended lab work. It came back positive and the supplements have changed my life. No exaggeration, I had only felt good one day in my whole life before this and have now felt amazing for two weeks straight. Great energy level and positive outlook. She is a truly amazing health practitioner.

I visited Dr. V after two years of not feeling super well, and after two to three months of feeling extremely fatigued, off, stressed, and run down. I got sinus infections/sore throats over and over throughout the year. I became extremely thirsty and couldn’t sleep at night. I had severe post nasal drip and was snoring. I had weird neck aches that I didn’t know how to make better. Yoga helped a little, but not for very long. I’m a young, thin, fit female, so doctors told me I was generally healthy when I visited. I went to three different doctors regularly throughout this time, plus another urgent care doctor I saw once, and an ear nose and throat specialist (which I paid for out of pocket because I could not get a referral from two primary care doctors I was seeing at the time) and none of them could find anything wrong with me except that I had a high mcv and very (non fasting) high blood sugar, it was normal to low when fasting. I tested negative for allergies, antinuclear antibodies, mono, along with numerous other tests coming back negative. The ENT told me to use a humidifier every night and recommended I get my deviated septum fixed surgically. Since the doctors could not diagnose me (other than having a deviated septum) I was repeatedly told nothing could be done for me, except for the antibiotics I was given repeatedly and Vicodin that was prescribed to me once. I was given b12 shots for a short time, but those stopped being administered when doctors concluded my vitamin b levels were not the issue.

I knew the cycle I was going through was not making me feel any better long term and that I had to try something new, anything at this point.

I knew I wanted to go to a holistic Doctor since the traditional doctors I was visiting were not helping and I felt like I was going in circles, getting nowhere. I did yoga as much as my body could handle because I knew the little amount of sweating and working out I could do made me feel temporarily better. I took b and d vitamins on my own because I knew that helped as well. I also drank a protein shake full of vitamins each day, along with as much water as I could drink due to the extreme thirst. Some days I felt like I was getting better and other days I felt like I was getting nowhere. I was reluctant to go to a doctor my insurance would not likely cover but I figured I would give it a try for my sanity’s sake. Before I went I brought the issue up to my dentist to see if there was anything they could do. They recommended I take a high dose probiotic and gave me a prescription antifungal which helped for about a month, but I needed to take another round to kick this thing.

At this point I googled a holistic Doctor because I didn’t know of any in the area. I had only one heard one thing about holistic medicine from a friend: that it didn’t work. This made me even more reluctant to go and is why I put it off for so long. I had no idea what holistic medicine was or how they treated anything other than using herbs maybe, which I knew helped but took a long time to work within your body. It was a month or two from the time I googled and saved Dr. V’s website to when I actually scheduled an appointment with her. I started seeing her every week, and was improving at first slightly, and soon enough dramatically each week. I was happier every time I visited because of how much better I was feeling. As time went on I only had to see her every month, and now I only see her as needed. She has helped me get through the biggest struggle of my life and she is the most caring and attentive person I know. She is so positive, sweet, cheerful, and realistic in her practice. I am so thankful I found her because she believes in treating the body at the root cause and did what it takes to find me some answers to what was wrong with me and starting the appropriate treatment.


I started seeing Dr. Villanueva in August and what struck me immediately was how beautifully the Dr. & her staff expressed their patience, empathy and communication. It is so hard in this day to find an office where you like the doctor AND their staff! Their office is a serene setting and they make sure it stays that way. The whole team is your cheer leader; they WANT you to feel better. One testament to that is that they have worked with my fluctuating cash flow. If they don’t have a supplement in stock or unable to mail it to you they have no problem telling you where to find it elsewhere. Dr. Villanueva is there to educate not dictate. My health issues span several facets (insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, foggy brain, memory loss, adrenal fatigue to name a few) and after trying medical doctor after medical doctor and getting only temporary relief I attended a talk at People’s Pharmacy Dr. V gave and heard she had been through some similar experiences I had. She too sought out help through Western medicine and was disappointed. Through her guidance, adjustments and organic herbs and supplements I have been sleeping better, craving less sugar, eating smaller portions because I’m fuller faster, have a clearer mind, my anxiety has lowered and I have more energy plus I’m happier – even my husband says so!

Getting a treatment from Infinity wellness center is one of the best gifts I gave myself. In my first visit I had a bunch of health issues including  chronic fatigue to an extent where I could not take stairs even for one floor. I also had severe jaw pain and  neck pain due to Tmj, and numbness and tingling in  my legs,  insomnia and a bunch of other issues.  Both, Dr. Wards and Dr. Elena collaborated on my care.   I was not treated for a single symptom but whole body was addressed. Within just 2 weeks , my fatigue was gone. I started walking 5k daily and never felt tired. None of the supplements caused acidity or heartburn even when I took them on empty stomach.

Then Dr.V put me on hormone therapy and gave me some supplements for sleep. I heard so many of my friends say that hormone treatments had many side effects and found it surprising that what Dr.V gave didn’t have any side effects. Also Dr.V explained to me that my ph was acidic and explained what it does to a persons body and she helped me restore my ph balance. My mind stopped racing like before, I sleep better, my fatigue has gone completely. I feel a lot happier, able to think better, and my stress levels have come down a lot.
You feel cared  for and nurtured as Dr. V and Dr. Wards  constantly follow up  and check your  progress and address any questions you would have.
If you are looking for a doctor who really cares for you and want to be treated without any side effects  Dr. V and Dr. Wards  are the best . ~JP

Hear Priscilla’s Cleanse experience

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wards for almost two years now and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself! I came in with numerous concerns – chronic neck pain, digestive issues, hormonal issues, trouble sleeping, headaches…it was a very long list. Over the course of my treatment, she uncovered and treated the root of my issues vs. treating my symptoms with medication. I haven’t felt this good, both physically and mentally, in close to 20 years. She listens, she asks questions, she cares. She knows that each patient is a unique case and can’t be treated like every other. She requires a thorough initial interview and follows up with a personalized treatment plan that may include chiropractic care, nutrition guidance, acupuncture, natural hormone treatments, supplements, etc. I received all of the these treatments and my experience has been nothing but positive. I would not feel this good if I had taken ‘traditional’ medical advice. I’m so thankful for my experience with Dr. T! My body, mind and soul are better because of her. Mahalo!


I have been going to Dr. Ward for the past 6 months and it is unbelievable how much my health as improved.  For the past few years I have gone to several specialists with no results.  She didn’t just address one area but addressed my physical health as a whole.  I now am sleeping better and my digestive system is a night and day difference. Kendall, who works at the front, is so caring and sweet.  She is so intentional and genuine.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ward for anyone that has tried everything else like me with no results.  My only regret is that I wish I had of gone to her earlier!  I was was hesitant to try a more holistic approach but I am beyond thankful that I have. ~KK

I know I am a completely different person than I was before I came to see you. I feel like I am more knowledgeable about my body and how foods effect me. I knew wheat and soy bothered me but, I had no idea dairy and corn could be a such a problem. This journey has been very eye opening and rewarding even without the liver cleanse completed! I am way more conscious about what I eat than before. And I understand that even every day foods like cheese can make me miserable.

I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to find Dr Elena Villanueva. I’m 50 years old and I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia, fatigue and food sensitivities for 11 years. It was so bad I needed assistance to get out of bed on most mornings because my ligaments and joints would stiffen during the night. I had to close my very successful business, sell the office space and resign myself to working part time out of my home. I had several specialists over the years; Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurologists, etc. All said I had fibromyalgia, food sensitivities & allergies, and osteoporosis (at age 46). All said that there was no known cause for fibromyalgia and all had their favorite prescriptions that would mask the symptoms for a short while and then my body would create new and more painful symptoms. Steroids, meds for nerve pain, powerful pain killers, anti-depressants, anti-spasm meds, seizure meds, etc. I’ve tried them all and hated the idea I had to take them.

A couple of months ago, after another pain medication failed and my fatigue was at its peak, I decided to make a change. I had researched the internet and found wellness clinics in the past but didn’t ever make an appointment because they didn’t accept insurance. Don’t make that mistake if you’re considering going to Infinity Wellness Center with Dr V. If I would have paid out of pocket years ago (and to tell you the truth they really aren’t expensive) I wouldn’t have lost so much more money over the years with prescriptions that didn’t work and wasted time with all those doctors and unproductive days from my pain and fatigue. Thank Goodness I finally got to meet Dr. Villanueva!! My recovery feels like it’s been almost overnight. All of what was ailing me was primarily due to Adrenal Fatigue!! After she diagnosed me, I started on supplements including Dessicated Adrenals and I followed her advice with my diet to help with other underlying issues. I started to feel better within days. Now I’m in my second month of treatment and I feel like a normal human being!! NO PAIN! The supplements are not expensive, actually less than my co-pay for prescriptions and THEY WORK because she knew exactly what I needed, why I needed them and told me how to take them. I’m stronger, have more energy, no more brain fog, no more depression, No More Pain! I feel so much better I’m thinking of accepting an offer from a new client to accept more work. I can do it now, so why not?
My husband and I really want to thank Dr V for all of her compassion, concern and true dedication to what she does. I truly feel I’ve gotten back a life I lost a long time ago.


I rarely crave dairy, I can now eat out at restaurants and not fear an IBS attack will happen, I have less hot flashes, have less aches and pains and I have more energy. I am at a good place. You have been amazing! I went to you for my hormones and had no idea, I would heal my gut and have less aches and pains too! It’s been an amazing journey.

Life changing in fact.
Thank you for that

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me since I started your program. My digestion is working 100% better. I haven’t felt this good in years. My anxiety, hot flashes, and stomach upset. Additionally, I no longer have constant pain in my neck and shoulders. Also, I took your advise and moved my bed away from the wall with the circuit breaker on the opposite side and my sleep has improved. I feel like I’ve almost made a full recovery. I know I’m getting there by keeping up with the healthy new habits I’ve learned through your program.

What Every Mom with a Young Baby with “Colic” Should Know

“Alex was born a month early and from day one had problems with his liver; not to mention the fact it was nearly impossible to get Alex to burp, despite attempts from the nurses and pediatricians. Alex was very quiet for his first month of life. This was thought to be true because he was premature. At about one month of age Alex started to cry and cry all of the time. He was inconsolable. In general, if he was awake he was crying at best, screaming his head off at worse. During the rare moment he wasn’t crying, he was the happiest and most pleasant of babies to be around.

Just before Alex turned four months old he was brought to Dr. Wards. Many people asked why not go through the conventional channels. Through experience it had been learned these channels don’t work. We had tried changing his formula and other environmental factors that could be the cause, but these changes did not help the problem. The final answer many of our friends had received who had babies with colic is, “you just need parenting classes. Parenting wasn’t Alex’s problem; there was a physical cause for his pain.

Alex was the youngest patient Dr. Wards had ever worked on being just 3 months old. She determined that Alex’s problem was with his digestive system. She made the necessary adjustments and he has been a new baby ever since. Not only have we his family noticed a difference, but the caregivers at this daycare comment on how he is the happiest baby they have seen. Something, everyone in Alex’s family agree on is he is happy and healthy now and his digestive issues were fixed thanks to Dr. Wards. How many colicky babies and their families have suffered until those little ones were big enough for this not to be a problem, when all those tiny babies needed were Dr. Wards?” ~ by Baby Alex’s Nana

“Hello Dr. Wards, I am Amanda’s husband. Please allow me to thank you for the amazing progress my wife has had since coming to see you. She has been very diligent in keeping with your recommendations and I have witnessed incredible changes not only in her physical appearance but also her emotional appearance. I can not help but believe that Amanda is the most beautiful human being God ever created (not being biased) but seeing her becoming happier and healthier is a bonus.”

We helped Phyllis’ body get ready to conceive, and now we get to treat baby Levey!


“I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know but wanted to see how it was going for a while first. The progesterone cream has been a God-send. Most of my depression has been hormonal it seems like, which is why the anti-depressants were not helping at all just making it worse. I started using the cream a few days before you told me to because I was absolutely tragic and the next morning my mental state was remarkably better. I had virtually no PMS symptoms before my period last week. Still have a lot of my other issues, but at least I’m not on the floor crying anymore and that makes it easier to try and deal with my other stuff.”

“I highly recommend Dr. Tenesha Wards especially in regards to women’s issues. She was recommended to me as someone who helped women with menopausal symptoms which I had. I wanted a more natural alternative than what my doctor had me on. I also still had hot flashes. Dr. Tenesha evaluated me thoroughly, then gave me a protocol to adjust many things she diagnosed as problems. I no longer have hot flashes, have more energy, and overall, feel so much better. She is multi-disciplined so can offer chiropractic and acupuncture as well to help me with anything that comes up. I feel very good in her care. I have recommended her to many people. Austin is lucky to have her.”


“I saw an ad for Dr. Wards in Austin Woman magazine. For some reason it spoke to me. As I read the ad, I noted that all my symptoms were listed. I had been trying to lose weight for the last several years with no luck. I knew it was affecting the way I felt as well as my health.

I was always tired and sluggish and the fact that none of my clothes fit didn’t help any. In addition to my weight issue, my monthly menstrual cycle was unbearable. Due to the tiredness and other symptoms, my medical doctor felt like I was suffering from depression so I was prescribed an antidepressant which made me more tired and numb to the world. I felt like I was in a fog most days and I had memory problems. My nightly routine was watching TV, eating dinner, and falling asleep. I no longer cared about the way I looked. I stopped wearing makeup to work and my wardrobe was stretchy black pants and tops that helped hide my growing mid-section. One time I was even asked by an acquaintance if I was pregnant (at 49 I hope not!).

So back to Dr. Wards’ ad. When I saw it, you can see why I was more than ready for a change. I made an appointment and I felt like something good was about to happen. When I saw Dr. Wards, she suggested the saliva testing and one of the things it showed was that I had high progesterone which was contributing to many of my symptoms.

After just 3 months of following her treatment plan, I have lost 21.5 lbs and I feel great. I am no longer taking antidepressant medication and I have so much more energy than before. When I look back, I can’t believe I was living the way I did. I feel so fortunate and blessed that I found Dr. Wards. She truly saved my life”. ~ Kathy

“Since the age of 16, I have always had problems with my cycles. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and ovarian cysts. My Dr. put me on birth control to control the severe cramping and regulate my periods. Several doctors told me it would be nearly impossible for me to conceive children due to all of my “problems”. At age 19 I had a cyst that had ruptured on my ovary. Once again, my Dr. told me I probably would never be able to have children. I stayed on birth control for nine years. As I learned about the effects of birth control and started living a more healthy lifestyle, I decided to get off the birth control. Shortly after, my body became very confused. I hadn’t had a cycle for nine months. My face started breaking out in cystic acne. I started growing facial hair. My stomach became severely bloated. I had bouts of PMS, but would never start my cycle. I was absolutely miserable. My self esteem was at an all time low, I didn’t even want to go out in public!

I started seeing Dr. Wards in hopes that she could get me back on track. We did a saliva test, and the results were shocking. My hormones were so high out of range, she said she was amazed that I was functioning and able to walk into her clinic!!!! We began a year and a half of treatment.

I came EVERY week and religiously took my supplements. I was determined to heal myself with Dr. Wards’ help and guidance. We had made a lot of headway, but I was starting to get discouraged. Dr. Wards assured me we would get through this. Shortly after, I had a regular cycle THREE months in a row. I was so happy! The fourth month¦..nothing. The fifth month… nothing. I thought to myself, “Well, here we go again.” Dr. Weine asked, “Could you be pregnant?” I said, “Absolutely not, I can’t get pregnant.”

Dr. Wards did some muscle testing without telling me what she was testing for. She insisted that I go home and take a test! I was a little irritated since I KNEW I wasn’t. It happened to be my 11 year anniversary that night. I really just wanted to get home and have a lovely dinner with my partner. I stopped and got a test, as instructed. After my lovely dinner, I stomped upstairs to take the test. Instantly, the test read positive! I could not believe my eyes!

The next day I saw Dr. Wards, she told me that my muscle tested positive for being pregnant, that was why she was so insistent that I take a test.

So, as I am writing this, I am six months pregnant and thrilled about the miracle that is about to come into my life. All I have ever wanted is to have children and my whole life I have been told I would never get to. I feel truly blessed to be carrying this child.

I feel so much love and gratitude toward Dr. Wards. I feel this would never have been possible without her help. She never gave up on me, even when it seemed I was making no progress. She is so caring and compassionate. She truly cares about her patients and is dedicated to their wellness. She is not only our primary Dr., she is our friend”.

We love you Dr. Wards!
~Lacy and Baby

Baby Jonah
Baby Jonah
Dr. Weine and Baby Jonah moments after the birth

I just wanted to write to thank you for helping me! As you know, I’ve been on prescription medication for my hypo-thyroidism condition for five years. Each year my thyroid condition would get worse, and I’d have to take even more medication. It’s beyond me why my adrenal glands were never diagnosed as the source of my thyroid problems. By addressing my adrenal glands my thyroid levels started to normalize again! I’m grateful that you managed to find the source of the problem and even more pleased that we were able to treat the issue with non-prescription medication. I’m glad I’m finally off prescription meds and elated that my condition continues to improve nonetheless! Your thoroughness and thoughtfulness is unsurpassed, and I’ll be forever grateful!

For the past 7 yrs I have had high cholesterol. It was time for my check up and I didn’t want the traditional Dr. to tell me to go home and eat better. I eat very well! So, I called Dr. T for her help. She sent me to a lab to see the things she wanted to see. A normal Dr. doesn’t order the things she did. When my results came in I made an appt to go see her. She handed me this notebook and led me to her office. When we got back there the notebook was all my lab work listed out. It listed my cholesterol, minerals, thyroid, and a million other things. We went through them one by one to break down what I needed to supplement to get me back to shape! For type A personalities…oh my gosh…perfect! It’s so detailed its awesome. Aside from that stuff Dr. T does a myriad of things to naturally get your body on track. She is a chiropractor but she does a whole lot more than that! She helps women with fertility issues, natural hormonal therapy, acupuncture anything else that you can think of. She can help…naturally. She won’t mislead you and she won’t tell you to take things you don’t need. She will be honest and really HELP you.

Dr. Wards has helped me so much! She has great sensitivity and applies it well, no appointment has been exactly the same and each one treats the predominant concern of the moment. Besides getting a general tune-up once a month whether I need it or not, I have received NAET which has helped tremendously with my food allergies. She has a gift for listening to the body and testing my muscles for organ weakness. I have healed adrenal fatigue with her and am now working on some minor thyroid issues; she also addresses some emotional issues and supplements with a lovely little combination flower/homeopathy therapy that has worked wonders very quickly helping me choose a new direction in life and working through peri-menopause. I am so happy to have found her!

A year and a half ago, I experienced an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Unfortunately for me, the antibiotic was in the only group I hadn’t previously reacted to—which meant I was now not able to take any antibiotics without serious consequences. Since I am very susceptible to sinus infections, this news was very upsetting. I started working with Dr. Wards and have not needed an antibiotic since. She works with me by combining acupuncture and natural/herbal antibiotics and antivirals. The result is that I am healthy and comfortable! Thanks Dr. Wards!

I’m sorry its been a while since I came to your office. You had suggested that my mirena IUD and a yeast overgrowth might be causing some of my issues. I had it removed a few months ago and have dramatically reduced the amount of bread/sugar foods in my diet. As a result, I’ve seen: improved mood stability weight stabilized (now losing) decreased fatigue Thank you so much for your listening ear! With your knowledge and assistance, I was able to get off of Cymbalta and Clonopin and start living again!

“At my first visit with Dr. Wards, she had me fill out a questionnaire describing my symptoms and rating them as to severity. It was the first time I had really sat down and thought about the totality of my condition, and I realized I was doing the right thing in asking for help. At my first follow-up visit, I re-rated my symptoms, and I was blown away at how much progress I had made! I knew I was feeling better, but seeing the numbers clarified just how effective my treatment had been. With continuing treatment, I can remain at my best, which is where I want to be. Dr. Wards takes time to communicate with you; staff is awesome; area is beautiful.” ~ SHB

“My daughter had been to several practitioners about her jaw popping and locking. She usually found short term relief, but the issue inevitably came back. Dr. Wards not only gave a very effective adjustment, she was the first and only Dr. to give us simple and effective tools to prevent the problem from recurring. Thank you!” ~ Theresa

“Dr. Wards offers wonderful care. She is warmly personable and attentive, which is important when someone’s making my neck move in scary ways! She is very well versed in holistic medicine, and is able to draw from a wide variety of knowledge to problem solve. Dr. Wards has helped me with back and neck pain, using not only the spinal adjustments but acupuncture, and has useful suggestions for any aspect of health. The location is comfortable and gorgeous, and really accessible for me, off of Loop 360. I recommend Dr. Wards to anyone looking for pain management solutions and supportive care for a healthy balanced, lifestyle!” ~ Sabrina

Dr. Wards is a great listener. She shows compassion and confidence in her treatments. I highly recommend her. She’s got a great office, and an EXCELLENT staff. I feel they’re truly dedicated to healing and knowing their clients as people. ~S.R.

A few months ago I began a new exercise regimen that included heavier weights and more lunges and squats. At about the same time, I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I was talking to Dr. Wards about something else one day and mentioned the extreme pain in my foot. She said “I can fix that; I do it all the time.”

I soon saw Dr. Wards in her office, and she found that the root cause of my foot pain was a strained calf muscle. She treated my lower back and calves with acupuncture and deep massage, and after only three visits and some stretching exercises that she prescribed, I was back to my old self.

I spent two weeks recently walking long distances in Italy, and had absolutely no problem with my foot. Thanks, Dr. Wards, for restoring my mobility! ~ Susan

If you are truly seeking to optimize your health and well-being so you can live your best life and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do no(as opposed to patching over one illness after another with harsh medications and treatments) Dr. Tenesha is a terrific partner in that process. She is smart, resourceful, gifted, compassionate, and energizing to work with. ~ P.N.

Dr. Wards is a healer pure and simple. She listens to me and works with me. She doesn’t talk down to me and makes use of my ideas if they make sense. She tells you what she can and can’t do. She recommends other health practitioners if needed. She only gives you the medicine you actually needs. She works on the most important issues and remembers the less important ones later on.

She works in concert with my other health practitioners. She is always studying and learning new things to help her patients. She is willing to see me at 9:30am on patient days and occasionally on Saturdays. She calls and follows up and takes the time to actually talk to me. She understands my health care is my responsibility and she helps me handle the responsibility in a very responsible way.

There is much more in my testimonial that she has on file, but there are only 1000 characters allowed here. ~deedee

Although my orginal reason for seeking out Infinity Wellness Center was for balancing my hormones; I use Dr. Wards for all of my health care and have been most pleased on how she approaches my symptoms. And, I’m grateful that she has referred me on to other specialists. She puts the patient’s health care needs first. I also appreciate her continuous learning approach; she is always seeking out new modalities. I highly recommend her!! ~l.a.

Although I do not live in the state of Texas, I have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Wards agree to treat me long distance. I make a trip to Austin at least once a year to visit my darling grandson, his momma and daddy. I always have an appointment with Dr. Wards just to make sure the regimen I am on is working to the max, and if not, Dr. Wards will make the necessary adjustments. On more than one occasion, I had to make a conference call or email Dr. Wards about unexpected symtoms and she was able to suggest an adjustment to the supplements that worked perfectly. I attribute her ability to treat patients long distance with such accuracy to her deep understanding and knowledge about the body and the supplements she is prescribing.

There isn’t any condition, physical or emotional that Dr. Wards couldn’t treat. She can even help ‘make babies’.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Wards as my consultant. ~Sandy

I suffered for a year with extreme pain in my left arm and right hand. Even with strong pain killers I have been miserable. At one point, my right hand was completely numb and I could not bend my fingers. This past year,I have seen many doctors, physical therapists and even a hypnotherapis with the hope that they could make the pain stop. Additionally, I have suffered with unbearable menopause symptoms.

Though skeptical of chiropractors, in desperation I thought I would give it a try. After all, I had already been to a hypnotherapist. I first saw Dr. Wards about one month ago and felt safe in her hands. Ten days later the menopause symptoms went away and I was given my youth back. Plus, my middle finger on my right hand which has been numb for 1 year was not numb. ~ D.M

I can never wear heels again? What? Of course I was going to listen to my podiatrist because each time I stood on an sort of an incline I experienced pain. After just three visits to Dr. T I was back in my heels again. The good doctor treated me with both chiropractic care and acupuncture and within a very short time my pants no longer dragged the ground from wearing flats! If only I had not given away my favorite high heels before seeing Dr. T.

~ Sheila B.

Dr. Wards was a God send when I referred my mother to her. My mother was suffering from food allergies, autoimmune issues and candida. Because of Dr. Wards, she is fully recovered and living not just a healthy life but an optimally healthy life. Dr. Wards’ hands touch her patients with care and confidence.
Deb CantrellI

I am so grateful I was forced to see Dr. Tenesha by my mother in law. I say “forced” because I had 99% given up on attempting to fix my health problems because Dr after Dr would give me the typical “It’s all in your head” “It’s allergies” or “Change your diet” answer. Even worst, perform all kinds of expensive tests. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of respect for Western Medicine but it just wasn’t for me in my particular issues. Dr. Tenesha listened to each one of my symptoms and with the 1% of faith left in me I started treatment. Only after one month I already feel like a completely new person and almost ALL of my many symptoms have disappeared!!! I feel like the old me again, energetic and full of life! (Not to mention I am loosing a few Lbs too) so if you are having any health issues I highly recommend you to visit Dr. Tenesha Wards……sooner than later. Thank you. Vera

I had heart burn almost my entire life.  I was on Nexium for 10 years.  Dr. Ward has repaired my stomach and I no longer get heart burn. R.B.

I was in an auto accident.  I called Dr. Wards (Dr. T) as the officer was writing up the incident.  She had me come in immediately.  Another client she has been treating for a while let me slip in before her.

The entire staff is personable and professional.

Although I work in alternative health care, I was shocked at how much getting an adjustment immediately after an accident did for me.  Good stuff, Dr. T.  Thanks for going out of your way to see I got in quickly!!!

~Erik K.

When I came to see Dr. Tenesha Wards I had been under chiropractic care for years, being a chiropractor myself.  I would get an adjustment, feel somewhat better temporarily, but continued to suffer extreme fatigue, along with a slew of other health complaints.

Dr. Wards introduced me to a wonderful method for testing the stressors on the body called Nutritional Response Testing (NRT), and she ran labwork on me.  I was sold when the labwork later came back and confirmed all the things she discovered using NRT.

And what a relief to know that I wasn’t crazy and that there really was something going on with me to make me feel so crummy!

After addressing my abysmally low Vitamin D levels and helping support my adrenals and liver with whole food nutritional supplements, my energy shot up.  I no longer needed to sleep 10-12 hours a day to just get by! I feel like a normal person again.

Dr. Wards inspired me so much that I decided to learn the technique and join the practice so I could share with my own patients what Dr. Wards did for me!

~Dr. Rita

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