Posts in Heartfelt Patient Thank Yous

I really liked doing this program. I have lost 10-12 pounds and feel healthier and more energized. I have traded in some bad habits – like caffeine and white sugar for no sugar and no caffeine and really plan to stick to that. This is definitely a program I would do again and recommend to friends and family.

— Kelly

I used Dr Wards for the 3-month Purification treatment. I felt healthy and energetic through the entire time, and people who knew me could see the difference. I referred many co-workers, family, and friends to her practice.

— R.C.

Hi Dr. Wards, Thanks so much for turning me on to this cleanse — I’ve lost 14 pounds!!! Thanks again for hosting the cleanse. I’m psyched to keep up the healthy new habits!

— Dawn

Dr. Tenesha evaluated me thoroughly, then gave me a protocol to adjust many things she diagnosed as problems. I no longer have hot flashes, have more energy, and overall, feel so much better. She is multi-disciplined so can offer chiropractic and acupuncture as well to help me with anything that comes up. I feel very good in her care. I have recommended her to many people. Austin is lucky to have her.

— B.M.