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Meet our passionate and dedicated healthcare team.

Meet our passionate and dedicated doctors.  Dr. Wards, Dr. V and Dr. Massey keep up with the latest technology, traveling the country to learn the most recent and effective techniques to find and correct the core root causes of your symptoms!

Dr. Wards and Dr. V are Doctors of Chiropractic who focus predominantly on Functional Nutrition and supporting natural hormone balance.  Dr. Massey brings expertise in injury rehabilitation through chiropractic adjustments, the fascial distortion model, and cold laser.  


Dr. Tenesha Wards  


Dr. Elena Villanueva    


Dr. Amanda Massey


Sally, Office Manager

Learn more about our services and treatments. Many people have come to Infinity Wellness Center in search of relief, and have had great success. Schedule a time to meet one of our doctors and discuss how we can help you.

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